Closet doors can age a room, so if you are trying to sell your house, or are simply redecorating, consider replacing any outdated or subpar closet doors. New, modern doors will provide an instant update that will make a huge difference and will help to increase the value of your home for minimal effort. The replacement closet doors you choose will depend on your budget, personal preferences and the amount of space available within the room.

The folding style door is the least expensive, but it looks it, which is the problem. It is typically made out of vinyl or plastic. It also bunches up at the end making it difficult to access the back area. It is not very durable, especially under heavy usage, therefore, it is a good choice for an area like the basement where it will not be used much and it won’t be seen.

Bifold folding doors fold in on themselves and are fixed to a sliding track at the top of the closet. The bifold styles are similar to the folding door because they will also take up space in the corner of the closet entry. However, they are made from wood and have hinges that connect the panels so they go flat against the wall, whereas the vinyl folding door is simply a piece of plastic with folds that creates a bulky bulge. The bifold door will take up less space within the room, so it is a good choice for an area with limited space.

You can use a traditional panel door that matches the rest of the doors in your house, like the bedroom door. This is a hinged style. If doors are wood, they should match any existing trim, baseboard or flooring. A panel door is usually made from a finished wood like maple or walnut, and it can be stained or painted. This style can either be flat, paneled, louvered or decorative. It can also have glass inserts that may be clear or frosted. With the hinged door you will need enough space to open the door. These look good on a walk-in closet, pantry, hall or entry closet.

Another hinged style is a french door that typically has two doors that open out into the room. These can be very nice with frosted glass. Fabric can also be added on the inside to conceal the contents of the closet and to add a colorful, decorative touch. Slatted hinged doors can be used as well. These allow ventilation to get into the closet. They often look good in a room that has a beach or a tropical decor, but they are neutral enough to go with most styles.

Sliding or bypass doors take up no space at all in the room, as they slide horizontally along double or triple tracks, thus making them a good choice for small spaces. However, the drawback is that they only expose half of the closet at a time. It is also hard to access the middle of the closet. The sliding door can be made from wood, glass or even steel. They can be mirrored with a frame made from wood, aluminum, brass or steel. Another option is a Shoji style with glass panels that have decorative vertical lines, horizontal lines or a combination of both. The glass can be clear, opaque, milky, frosted or a mirror.

When taking the measurements for the closet doors you will need to measure the opening of the closet on the inside, from edge to edge. It is a good idea to measure at both to top and the bottom of each side to ensure that the opening is even. A good website to visit is where you can find more advice on replacement sliding closet doors, as well as articles and videos on how to remove old doors and install the new doors. Another great site is for detailed information about door styles, materials and hardware.

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