Folding doors, also known as accordion doors, have been used in the home building and home improvement industry, as well as many commercial applications, for a very long time. Folding sliding doors can have their advantages and disadvantages. One of the best attributes when using these types of doors is the space saving attributes that are inherently built into them. Because of the design, folding patio doors typically only use half of the swing area used by a conventional hinged door.

One of the caveats of using a folding or accordion style door is the periodic maintenance needed to keep it in good operation and help increase the lifespan of the door itself. Over time, the metal tracking used to guide the folding door may become corroded or bent out of shape from excessive use. Making sure that all folding door tracks and guides installed on the door and door frame is important, in regards to long lasting, proper operation.
Many materials and application uses can utilize a folding door. One of the most common uses of a folding door is in small closets and partitioning walls when it comes to residential applications. Metal and wood utility cabinets can also benefit from the use of folding glass doors as well.

As technology in the home construction and commercial design industry has progressed, so has the folding door. Newer and more durable materials used ensure a quieter and more consistent operation while designers of internal folding doors have came up with a wide variety of aesthetically pleasing products to increase popularity, as well as provide more choices to be available on the market today.

In comparison to conventional hinged door solutions, folding door products are typically more expensive to purchase, as well as a little more difficult to install. In terms of installing a folding door to take the place of a conventional hinged closet door, the typical “do it yourself” installer can complete the project with a basic set of hand tools. Ensuring proper alignment, however, is a crucial consideration as folding closet  doors that are even slightly misaligned can pose undesirable issues. The overall strength of a 2-piece folding door can also provide a cause for concern due to its basic design. Heavy objects such as furniture or an accidental hard fall against a closed folding door can cause serious damage. Injuries can also result from inadvertently getting fingers caught in between the door folds or hinges while closing the door if a person is not careful. Small children often have a tendency to get more injuries arising from a folding door than adults, so this factor must be taken into consideration.

Metal cabinetry, seen in industrial and garage uses, that employ vinyl folding doors can have the common issue of binding up due to rust or misalignments caused by excessive use and moisture. This can cause major issues with the operation, as well as possibly cause the doors to bind completely shut if proper care and attention to prevent this common problem is not given.

As consumer choice grows in the folding door industry, many companies have expanded its application uses. Many compact shower stall manufactures employ the benefits the folding design can provide. As the need for additional bathroom areas in the home have increased across the country, shower areas with space saving capabilities have had an increase in demand by home improvement consumers and specialists during recent years.

Folding garage doors of many different styles, colors, sizes and material types are sold at reputable home improvement outlets across the country. Many manufactures and online retailers available can even provide custom folding screen doors at the customer’s request when needed. Although custom built folding doors on average cost more than commercially available production types available, the consumer’s options are considerably increased.

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