Womens winter coats are an extremely important element of any woman’s wardrobe. In the wintertime, a woman’s jacket, sweater, or coat is probably her most important fashion accessory, because she will probably wear it several days per week. Also, she will wear it over other elements of her wardrobe, meaning that the coat will define her style to a great degree every time that she goes outside in the cold. Because of this, it is very important for a woman to find the coat style that is right for her. Thus, winter coats for women are one aspect of a woman’s wardrobe that should not be skimped on in either the style or quality department.

One fashion that never really goes out of style for men or women is the peacoat. Peacoats are coats that go down to the waist or longer, which are generally made of wool with an inner lining. They feature six buttons, vertical pockets, and flaps at the neck area. This style of coat goes with just about any style of outfit, and has a very elegant look. These coats can be found just about anywhere where women’s fashion coats are sold, ranging from Wal Mart to Gucci.

Another very popular and always-fashionable style when it comes to long womens winter coats is the trench coat. Trench coats look like peacoats, except they are much longer and are usually found in beige. They often have buttons very similar to those of peacoats, but they can also have more than six, and often also have a fabric belt at the waist. Trench coats also go with just about any outfit, and have a very classic and professional look. Like peacoats, trench coats can be found just about anywhere coats are sold.

Ski jackets are another popular coat type for women. These zip-up jackets are not as elegant as trench coats or peacoats, as they often have bright colors and are very bulky. However, they are great for harsh weather or ski trips. They are water and snow-proof, so they can keep people warm in bad weather. They also often have plenty of padding, so they can keep a person warm even if it is not snowing or raining. REI has a wide variety of ski jackets available on its website.

If a woman lives in an area where it does not snow, she may instead opt to buy a rain jacket instead of a ski jacket. Rain jackets are very similar to ski jackets in that they zip up and are weather-proof. However, rain jackets are often less-bulky than their ski counterparts, and thus lead to a more sleek look with less baggage.

Suede jackets are popular winter coats. Suede is a type of soft leather that can be dyed different colors. However, faux suede jackets are also available, which look like real suede but are not made of leather. Suede jackets come in many different styles, ranging from casual to formal. However, suede is a very delicate fabric that is not weather-proof. Because of this, people should avoid wearing suede if there is a chance of rain or snow. Suede can be treated with sealing sprays and other techniques to prevent or treat stains, but they are not perfect. Suede jackets are harder to find than other jacket types, but Kohl’s and other department stores often have them.

For warmer winter weather, the above-mentioned womens wool winter coats and jackets may be unnecessary. In this case, sweaters or sweatshirts may take the place of winter coats. Of course, sweatshirts and sweaters can vary widely in terms of how casual or formal they are. A sweatshirt could boast a woman’s favorite sports team, and thus would be considered extremely casual. However, sweaters often have embroidering, ruffles, and other “fancy” embellishments, making them more appropriate for formal occasions.

Womens winter coats thus vary greatly, so women can really show their personality through the type of coat that they choose to wear. Jackets can either fit or clash with an occasion; particular coats fit particular weather conditions, and womens hooded winter coats have varying degrees of formality. Thus, it is very important for a woman to choose wisely when she decides to purchase a winter coat.


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