Holiday cottages – whether to rent or to buy – are a popular vacation destination, and even a permanent residence idea. A relatively accessible getaway option, luxury English country cottages provide quaint retreats from modern life, where you can refresh and recharge your batteries, renew the spirit, and breathe in a simpler, more scenic way of life. They are for sale across the UK, these perennial favorites that lure thousands away to the enchanted countryside for rest and relaxation with friends and loved ones. Whether you’re in search of a getaway in England, Wales, Scotland or Ireland, there is a country cottage retreat for you and your price range situated in a seaside setting, or nestled in Old World environs that beckon vacationers and cultural explorers alike.

One can find luxury rental cottages in the UK for as little as 150 pounds weekly, on up to 1200 and more per week, depending on the season. In the Cotswolds, in England, you can rent cottages for approximately 500-600 pounds sterling/week, average. In Scotland, you can find them for roughly the same price, on average. The actual structures can be authentically dated back centuries, or relatively newer or refurbished. Many are situated on the coast, and are conveniently close to sightseeing and recreational areas such as golf courses, lakes, rivers, and mountains. They can typically sleep up to eight persons, though they average right around 4-6. Irish holiday lake cottages average right around 500 Euro per week. Be sure to check all the details, as many beach cottages around the UK and Ireland do not allow pets or smoking. Many are very spacious. One in County Clare, Ireland sleeps 11, and has 5 ground floor bedrooms, with a jacuzzi in one suite, and two “very large” first floor bedrooms.

This is really the way to experience Ireland and the UK – in the relative peace and harmony of the countryside, coastal areas and myriad mystical locales in this enchanted part of the world. Many of these farm cottages sit on acres of land, far from towns and cities, surrounded by the Nature’s splendour. There are many, many web sites representing realtors, individuals and vacation rental companies listing hundreds, if not thousands of luxury holiday farm cottages where you can easily get details and contact info for planning your UK getaway. The term “self-catering” seems to be attendant with descriptions of the cheap cottages in general, and means, really, that everything is provided for your needs when renting a cottage, except for meals and laundry services.

The National Trust Holiday Cottages offers a comprehensive search engine listing the best-for-your-money as well as higher end vacation rentals, where you can pinpoint your search for the perfect vacation retreat with ease. English Country Cottages has been providing top-notch service for rental home seekers for over thirty years. They feature up to 20% reductions, and a search engine which allows you to directly access property listings. Interactive maps allow you to click on regions, while most give discounts for special needs or retired travelers. They also allow those who want to lease or let their property to post on their community bulletin boards.

Additionally, “cottage complexes” allow groups or families to rent out larger estate cottages, where up to 100+ can sleep comfortably (they average around 30 or so). These complexes are perfect for family reunions or just those with a large entourage. There are game rooms, jacuzzis and spas, indoor and outdoor pools, bungalows, playgrounds and washing/laundry facilities. These prime destinations define English regal character with billowing gardens, ancient trees, and landscapes that impart a wealth of history and tradition graced with beguiling elegance and style. Renting vacation cottage complexes in the UK and England allows you and your loved ones to experience this part of the world from the inside out, at starting prices that won’t give you sticker shock.

Remember to book well in advance, so you get the best deals as well as English cottages themselves. Vacation cottages are ubiquitous in Ireland and the UK, and beckon the world traveler or first-time visitor alike. All are equal, and are given a touch of the elegant when seeking out these quaint hideaways amidst the storied Old World land of kings and queens, fairy tales, knights and damsels, as well as beautifully-situated vacation rental homes that represent among the finest retreats the world has known. Weekend cottages are hotly in demand, so make sure you put your name down for one soon, and experience R&R in settings that will surprise and delight you with magnificent charm.


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