Typically used as a passageway between the inside and outside of a house, installing sliding doors can improve a home. The improvements show in the look of the home and how a person feels when entering it. A common choice for these doors is sliding glass. If choosing to add this attractive update, one will need to know how to install them.

Sliding doors can be installed on an existing base or a new one can be placed at the home. Either way the space will need to be measured. Measurements should include the height, width, and length of the area. Take a pencil and mark the corners of the space, then trace the area.

To ensure the doors are attached, one needs long nails and a hammer. The nails should be driven into the corners of the door frame. They need to go all the way through the door. An electric drill can make this job easier and faster.

To be sure the nails are level, a person should take a pencil and trace the area across the frame. It would also be wise to have measuring tape, a ruler, or a level to be absolutely sure. One will want to measure vertically as well to clarify that the nails are lined up evenly.

The nail ends will guide the installer as to where the exterior frame should be cut. It is necessary to use a saw to make the cut.This should be reciprocating. Before installing the door, be sure to clear any dust, dirt, or other debris from the area.

After those preliminary steps it is finally time to put the doors in the newly formed slot. An assembly kit is required for this task. The door frame itself will be set on the ground and edged with a bit of adhesive caulk. It might be helpful work on the project with at least one other person.

Prior to placing the door, one needs rollers in place. They should be attached on top. The bottom should have a track and rollers. This track should be installed before hanging the top rollers. The track should go along the doorway’s head jamb. It is crucial the rollers are level otherwise the door may open or close without someone operating it. The hardware on sliding doors is not particularly attractive. A good way to hide this is with decorative trim.

Place the door along the rollers. Make sure it is set securely and properly. If the kit for the sliding doors has extra screws, be sure to use them. Be aware that each brand of sliding door kit may have different instructions from each other one. If a household has small children, make sure to keep them supervised and teach them not to touch the doors except to go in and out of the house. Little fingers are easily trapped in sliding doors.

With the right tools and instructions, most people can install sliding doors. Follow the directions carefully. Some basic tools are necessary for the job. One will need nails, a circular saw, adhesive caulk, and possibly an electric drill. It is essential to have a sliding door kit that includes rollers and a track. Installation needs to be precise for everyone’s safety and for proper functioning.

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