A bifold closet door is unquestionably the perfect choice for a closet regardless of whether it is a walk-in closet or a reach-in closet. Open hinged doors on a closet may make a small room smaller and they can also make it difficult to reach items placed near or around the outside of the door. Sliding closet doors allow you to open only one side of the closet at a time which means you may have to push the door back and forth to find and reach what you need.

The bifold closet door comes in many sizes and can also be custom made to fit any closet size. These distinctive doors are made of two panels of equal size which fold as they are pulled open and then pushed together and flattened to close, with an action much like that of an accordion.

For smaller areas the bifold closet door is very helpful as a space saver and at the same time they allow easy access to the inside of the closet. Because these doors allow entry to the entire closet at one time they are also very convenient when used with exceptionally large closets which may stretch the whole length of a room. This easy availability to the whole of the closet at one time is a convenience not to be had with sliding doors which allow access to only a section or at most a half of the closet at one time. Bifold closet doors also make it easier to gain access to the corners of the closet.

Mirrored bifold closet doors can make a room look larger and also brighten the room. Materials for bifold doors will differ from one manufacturer to the next and they can be frameless or they can be framed with aluminum or with wood such as mahogany and pine. Some glass bifold closet doors may have panes of glass or frosted glass instead of wood planks which can then give the room a contemporary charm. These doors can also be used for entry way closets and pantries.

Another location where a bifold closet door may replace a standard door is a wardrobe that has swinging style doors. It may be that the wardrobe will fit into the bedroom but there is not room enough to easily open the wardrobe doors, and by replacing the swinging doors with custom bifold closet doors enough room will be made so that the storage space in the wardrobe can be more easily accessed. Thus it would not be necessary for you to remove the current wardrobe or build or buy a new one small enough to be usable and replacing the swinging doors with wood bifold closet doors will solve the space problem.

Without a doubt, the most convenient design for your closet door is the bifold closet door, however even though there are many advantages to installing a bifold closet door there are still a couple of considerations to be looked at before you have the doors fitted and installed either by a company or by you.

First you need to be sure that the space within your storage cabinet is already completely utilized. It is possible that there may be items that you previously purchased in order to make the best use of the space in the storage cabinet which may not work with your new bifold closet doors. Because of these items you may have to make some changes in the storage cabinet to utilize the space differently. The company where you purchased your bifold closet doors may have solutions for this or may be able to make some suggestions for changes which may be helpful for you.

Second, wooden bifold closet doors may be opened and closed often placing a lot of stress on the mechanical parts of the doors. The burden of this stress placed on the doors may cause damage or warp them. You may be able to avoid this problem by spraying the tracks with a small amount of WD40 or a similar product.

Bifold closet doors can be purchased from local home and building supply stores or on line and some on-line companies even offer free shipping on orders over fifty dollars.

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