Sliding closet doors are very popular and very far from becoming extinct. The thing to remember is that any door can be made into a sliding door; all that is needed the right hardware. Sliding doors have improved since the big and unattractive doors that were used years ago. Sliding doors today provide beauty as well as style that is both durable and safe.

A sliding closet door, or bypass door as it is sometimes called, is usually seen in areas that have smaller closet space. This is because there is no need for any extra space in front of a closet door besides the space needed to open the door. This type of door is typically made of wood plated or wood-like aluminum, mirror or glass.  Sliding wardrobe doors save a lot of space when compared to the traditional hinged door, which needs floor space to cover their swinging.

A sliding door is one that opens horizontally by sliding and has been used since the first century within Roman homes. The system that is used to operate this door is called sliding door gear and comes in two basic types. The doors are either attached mounted on top or are suspended from a track.

sliding-closet-doorsThree types of sliding closet doors with different basic designs.

  1. Single bifold. This door is two pieces of metal or wood that is joined together at the seam running down the middle. The door opens by folding it at this seam. Bifold doors typically come in pairs, so that makes four separate pieces. This type of door comes in many styles, including raised panel, plain, louvered and mirrored.
  2. Bypass. This type of door is made of two units that slide behind or in front of each other, all depending on which one you are moving at the time. To cover larger areas, bypass doors may have three or four pieces. This door can be made of mirror, glass or wood and typically between ¾” and 1 3/8” thick.
  3. Pocket. This door slides into the wall when it is not being used.

Benefits of sliding closet doors

Having a closet door that slides is beneficial in several ways. Their advantages over the traditional swinging doors continue to make them a more attractive alternative. They add both value and beauty to a home. Sliding does can be very convenient for closets that are made horizontally because they allow more access to items at a glance.

A smaller room can benefit from a mirrored sliding closet door. A tall mirror makes a room seem like it is much larger than it really is. An added benefit to a mirrored door is being able to see yourself from all angles when getting dressed. Mirrored sliding closet doors in a bedroom can make getting ready much easier with a feeling of a larger space. If a mirrored door is not your preferred choice, frosted and smoked doors are also available. Both of these provide a fresh and unique look to a room. Other choices of materials include solid wood, louvered or paneled. The decision will all depend on that you are trying to achieve in the room.

Reasons why many people like wood sliding closet doors

  • Space. These doors take up less space than a traditional swinging door. A swinging door needs nearly 10 times more space than that of a sliding door. Waste of space is minimized and more space can be used around the door.
  • Safety. A sliding door can be much safer than a swinging door on a landing or stairway. There is no need to step back away from a sliding door when it opens.
  • No slamming. Sliding doors do not slam closed in the wind and do not tend to open by themselves.
  • Handicap. Someone who is handicapped may find this type of door easier to use. You are able to get sliders that are wider than swinging doors, which provide a bigger passage for a wheel chair.

A sliding close door can add grace and sophistication to any room where it is used. A sliding door that is made of good quality will include silent rails and a damper system that does not allow for the door to slam. The door should slide easily and silently every time it is closed. When you consider shopping for glass sliding closet doors, you will find many styles to choose from. It is important to remember that a sliding closet door is not something to take very lightly. A sliding door is something that should be with you for many years. You should do a lot of comparison shopping to make sure you are getting the type of door that is best for your space and at the best price possible.

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