The desire to get in shape is an almost universal one in the modern world. However, not everyone has easy access to either a gym or an outdoor area that they can exercise in safely. Indoor stationary exercises are fine for strength training. However, long distance cardiovascular exercises such as running are not possible without special equipment if the individual is forced to be indoors.

While almost everyone knows about the treadmill as a method for running indoors there is an often overlooked superior alternative. This alternative is the elliptical machine. Depending on whom you ask an elliptical machine is either a running simulator or a stationary cross-country skiing machine. The actual elliptical design is largely responsible for this as well.

An elliptical machine is designed with two moving pedals that are set up with a forward or reverse motion in design. They move in a circular, elliptical, motion wherein the machine derives its name. Typically the machine will come with two vertically positioned moving pull bars that are meant to be gripped during usage. An elliptical machine is superior to a standard treadmill for several reasons, three of which are the most prevalent.

The first reason is that it can be used in bother forward and reverse motion. This allows the user to work all of the necessary movement muscle groups in a single session.

The second reason for the superior nature of an elliptical machine is that it can actually be used to generate a low to moderate difficulty upper body workout. The pull bars can be leaned upon during usage to force the upper body to work more. This means that this is one of the few types of machine in existence that works both the upper and lower body during a dedicated cardiovascular movement exercise such as running or cross-country skiing.

The third reason that an elliptical machine is clearly superior is its ability to monitor heart rate and calorie count during exercise. A treadmill is difficult to grip during a run and this is clearly dangerous. With an elliptical machine the pull bars move with the one using the machine and this allows constant monitoring of their heart rate. This means that not only is an elliptical machine a superior exercise mechanism it also possesses greater inherent accuracy on the average.

Ellipticals for sale can vary wildly in appearance and pricing. There are three basic kinds of an elliptical machine.

The first is non-powered versions. These elliptical trainers for sale have no electronic parts at all and are only capable of being used in handful of settings based on the design. Some of these ellipticals allow for a change in elevation or stride length. They are basic and utilitarian.

The second type of elliptical machine for sale will include a number of electronic devices that vary in sophistication based on model, purpose, and often price will be a factor as well. High end versions of these designs are for commercial use in gyms and they often come with display screens or even small television sets to keep an individual’s focus away from the calorie gauge.

There are some that are nothing more that the foot pedals for sale currently. This type of elliptical machine is the third variety. They can be seen as nothing more than a running or walking simulator since they do not incorporate the pull bars or upper level electronic equipment. At most these low end ellipticals will have a distance counter and a largely in accurate calorie counter.

The type of elliptical machine that is chosen for usage will vary by preference. It is highly suggested to determine the primary reason behind seeking out cheap ellipticals for sale. This will allow the would-be buyer to determine exactly what they need in such a machine. An individual that simply wishes to walk could save money by purchasing a lower end model or even one without pull bars. Individual’s that desire a comprehensive work out where the computer controls everything based on a preselected work out regimen and staggered interval levels would be better suited with the purchase of a higher class of elliptical machine that has all of the bells and whistles attached. Either way an elliptical machine is one of the best devices on the market for cardiovascular exercise.


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