Many people use their garage every day. Often the car is parked in the garage so people enter and exit the area at least twice. Other families use the garage to store their hobby equipment while others have their freezer or washer and dryer located here. The garage is used extensively but it is often a neglected part of the home. This can easily be changed by adding some paint. It is an inexpensive way to make a big improvement to an area of the house you use on a regular basis.

When you decide to paint your garage you will also be delighted to know that you will be ridding of a lot of junk you have stored there for years. This is the perfect time to eliminate all of the things you have accumulated that you realize you really do not want or need. You might decide to have a garage sale.

Or, you might call the Salvation Army to make a donation. Whatever your decision, once you have completed this task, you will probably create enough room so you can park your second car in the garage. Once you have gotten rid of everything you have the option of moving everything else to the center of the room, and covering it, before you begin painting. Or, if you would prefer, you can actually move everything out of the garage and move it to your yard (it will be out for a few days so if you have a backyard your neighbors would really prefer having it there opposed to your front yard area).

Once everything has been removed, or you have moved it to the center of the garage, you need to prepare it for painting. If you have a leaf blower this is great to remove the spider webs, dirt, and other debris hanging around the garage. If you do not have a blower than you can always use a sturdy broom. It is advisable, if you have moved everything outside, to use a power washer to really clean the walls and floor. Many people do not have this piece of equipment but you might be able to borrow one. If not, you can rent one at most places renting equipment.

Your next step is to patch up any cracks or holes. This can be an extensive job because it seems that not only do we neglect our garage but it is also an area where the carpenters seem to slack off when building the home. It is not finished like the other rooms in a home. Therefore, you will find repairs that need to be made about each time you move your ladder. Once this big project has been completed it is time to work on the floor. Generally you will have a crack or two on the garage floor. Since you are giving your garage a new look then all of these blemishes should be repaired before you begin painting. The floor can be patched while you are waiting for the walls and ceiling to dry. There are a number of paints designed just for cement floors. They come in a variety of colors and the painted floor adds a lot of visual appeal to your garage.

You need to determine if the areas you plan to paint need any primer. You might also need to apply some type of pre-paint products such as bonder. This is particularly true if the walls are unfinished. Once you are ready to begin the paint process you will need to be well-prepared. You will need your rollers, brushes, paint container, and a sturdy ladder. Of course, you will also need your paint. This should be a good quality exterior paint. This type of paint is heavier and it covers the surfaces better than interior paints. Depending on the finish of your garage you may need to apply several coats of paint. Make certain you allow each application of paint to throughly dry before you start to apply the next coat.

Once you have completed the task of painting your garage you will be rewarded with an outstanding room that will actually make your total house feel more complete.

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