During the warm summer months, nothing is better than being outside either relaxing or entertaining friends and family. Unfortunately, during these months, many of nature’s pests also enjoy being outside and are rather attracted to humans as well as the activities that they participate in. Of all the pests, the most concerning are wasps. Wasps have a very sharp stinger, which also contains a good amount of poison. While for many people being stung by a wasp will only lead to a sore mark, this poison can be deadly to someone who is allergic to it. While wasps can be quite alarming, there are several ways you can repel them.

If you find that wasps are attracted to you and your guests, the first thing you can do is cut off the source of what is attracting them. Wasps are very attracted to sweet smells. While some scents are unavoidable, there are things you can do to limit them. For example, if you are having a barbeque, keep all of the food, especially fruits and sweets, contained or inside. Also, when you are done with the food, you should throw it away immediately and keep it in a secured garbage can. Also, since wasps are attracted to sweet smells, not wearing perfume or cologne should help keep the wasps away.

If, despite your attempts to keep them away, wasps still find their way to your home, the next way to repel wasps is to use wasps sprays. Wasp sprays and pesticides will kill wasps and can be used to prevent them from returning. Wasp sprays can be found at any home improvement store. When using the wasp spray, be sure you wear protective eyewear. Also, wasp spray is a poison, so do not spray it around food that you will be eating or other people.

While you can attempt to repel wasps, the best way to stop them from invading your party would be to cut off the source of wasps. If your frequently find wasps in your home or backyard, you most likely have a nest nearby. While you can try to kill the nest yourself, you should call an exterminator. An exterminator is a professional who will be able to find the nest and kill all the wasps. The exterminator will also be able to help you protect your home and prevent wasps from setting up another nest in the future.


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