There is a lot more to selling your house than merely listing it through a real estate agent, or selling it by yourself. A residence has to appear neat, clean, and un-littered. No one wants to purchase a home if the kitchen counters are all covered with appliances, and the garbage can is over flowing.

Generally, there are a lot of ways to prepare a house so it will sell fast at the asking price. Liken marketing a house to purchasing an expensive dress or a suit. If you saw them creased, wrinkled, dirty and undressed, would you want to buy it, or would you look for something else? This can be compared to selling your home. Both ought to seem clean and appealing.

Moreover, you should walk out of the door of your home. Better yet, get into your car and drive a block or two. Drive back and park directly across the street. Look at your house. This what the buyers do when they are being shown the home you have for sale. What is the first thing that catches your eye? Look at your home as if you were a buyer and make note of what you see.

Appearances Can Make Or Break The Sale

Is the path to your home clean and neat? Are the flowers or bushes trimmed or are the dead leaves on the ground? Is the concrete cracked or does it need to be repaired? Is the grass green and thick, or are there burnt out spots, and dead leaves all over the lawn? It is the first thing a buyer sees, so it is important to make certain, that it appears inviting. If not, clean it up, rake the leaves and replace the dead flowers, and plant a hedge of blossoming colorful flowers on the path leading to the home. Initial impressions are significant so be sure that you remove the ladder that is leaning on the wall, along with the bike the children’s toys that are spread out on the lawn.

Inspect The Exterior Including The Front Door

Make sure that the front door is clean, not scratched, and that the paint is not peeling. If it is, give it a colorful coat of paint – it is easy to do. A fresh paint job and clean windows will make the house look inviting. Potential buyers will rate the home by appearance and condition of the front door. Buy a new ‘welcome mat’ and replace the outside light bulb.

Check Out The Entrance Way And The Living Room Inside The Home

Now that the outside of your house is clean and fresh, the next obstacle you have to overcome is the initial impression the interior of your dwelling makes once a potential buyer walks inside the house. Make the house ready by removing all the disarray, as this is what is seen first. Remove all the magazines, books, newspapers and knick-knacks that are on the tables or on the floor.

Replace, dry-clean or wash the curtains, and while you are at it, wash the windows as well. Keep only a minimal of furnishings in every room, and place the rest in storage. Rooms look larger with less inside. Paint the walls with a bright and light color and 150 watt light bulbs in all of the lamps and overhead light fixtures.

Walk Through An Clean Each of The Other Rooms In The Home

1. Make each bathroom sparkle; add a new roll of toilet paper to each bathroom.
2. Put out clean bath towels and empty the trash.
3. Before you exit the room gaze back. Have the mirrors been cleaned? Has the mold been removed from the shower or tub?
4. Use a light spray to make the room or rooms have pleasant scent.
5. Make the beds. Change the sheets and cover them with clean bedspread.
6. Paint any of the rooms if they seem to need it.
7. Make sure there is no dust on any of the tables, on the pictures hanging on the wall, or on the ceiling fan.
8. Clean out the closets, buyers like check them out. Remove shoes from the floor and throw away any junk.

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