Ultrasonic bird repellents utilize high pressure ultrasonic sound–that humans and pets cannot hear–which effectively and safely keeps birds away. Whether you are looking to keep birds from nesting in your garage, make your garden bird free, or provide a safe haven on your patio, ultrasonic bird repellents provide the answer. Devices with dual speaker electronic pest control generate an intense, variable-pitch sonic and ultrasonic sound waves creating a noisy, hostile environment with constantly changing sounds that repel household insects, rodents, bats, mice, spiders, crickets, fleas, ticks, and rats, as well as birds. An ultrasonic bird repellent works indoors for many of these pests, and outdoors for all of them.

Pest birds such as pigeons, starlings, swallows, gulls, crows, woodpeckers, grackles, etc. can be kept away from any area with an easy-to-use ultrasonic system. Ultrasonic bird repellers give you a long-term solution with some units covering 1 to 6 acres. Some of these sound systems actually play predator bird calls, and distress calls for a variety of bird species keeping your home or garden pest free. Many of these mechanisms have user-friendly controls allowing for you to choose from a variety of different combinations of sound pattern settings, frequency, and volume.

Ultrasonic bird repellents are environmentally friendly. Safe even if installed near areas where your children and pets play. These humane devices emit differing noise frequencies that ward off pest birds. You don’t need toxic chemicals, poisons, or traps; and you don’t have to take the time to collect dead birds or replace the physical repellents. The U.S. Military, food distribution agencies, water companies, schools, businesses, and residential customers value ultrasonic bird repellents.

Some ultrasonic bird repellents come in the shape of owls, hawks (predatory birds) and coyotes (specifically repelling Canadian geese) which afford an additional aspect of visual repellant. Others provide additional security features. Beyond repelling birds some products work as intruder alarms emitting a protective police type siren when an opossum or bat is detected. Various sound pitches repel different pests and some ultrasonic devices allow you to choose frequencies with a remote control to frighten specific pests.

Instead of using a single frequency which may not catch the attention of certain birds, the ultrasonic bird repellents provide waves of sound that rise and fall, fluctuating noise frequency. This action acts like a siren which can’t be ignored. Both methods of repelling birds work on an ultrasonic level, with a few frequencies which may be slightly audible. Ultrasonic bird repellers work like a ripple in a pond. The sound “waves” spread out to reach birds, animals, and insects in your home and yard. Sounds that sweep the area, incorporating fluctuating frequencies, target pests providing the most disturbing frequency. Most products are made for portability and durability, but can still be very affordable for any family. They enable you to repel the pests you want gone and not affect animals you want to allow in your yard.

Some pest repellents utilize dangerous, even poisonous methods in order to get rid of pests. These leave you worrying about contamination of your pets or children. Ultrasonic bird repellents provide an extremely humane option for resolving your pest problems. Adjustable units mean that you can send the neighbor’s cat away from your garden but still allow the squirrels to play on your patio.

Many of the most persistent pests come out at night. You can purchase ultrasonic bird repellents that include a strobe light which will ward off nighttime arrivals with a disorienting flashing light. This can also act as a deterrent to non-animal visitors. The high-pitched alarm and strobe light ingeniously scare off unsavory people who may sneak onto your property. The sound can be heard up to 2,000 feet away. Set the motion trigger to the sensitivity you desire and any criminal entering your yard will be gone in an instant. This unit can be used indoors and out. A custom-fitted clear plastic rain jacket covers the repellent unit safeguarding it from rainwater, snow and wind damage to keep it functioning throughout the year. You may wish to connect with Pest Repeller Ultimate to learn even more about ultrasonic bird repellents.

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