Crickets are a frustrating and noisy pest that can invade the damp and dark confines of your basement. Not only are they gross, but they can also keep you up at night with their chirping. If a cricket infestation is preventing you from enjoying your basement, the following guide will help.


Crickets are tiny and their eggs are even tinier, which means they can usually be sucked up in the vacuum. This is the fastest and easiest way to rid your basement of bugs. This method is only effective for a short time, however, because the source of the bugs will remain and they will continue to enter your home. This method may also be difficult if your basement does not have carpet.

Boric Acid

Purchase a bait that is made from boric acid. These baits will come in either powder or tablet form. The boric acid will kill the crickets along with any other insects that are lurking in your basement. Boric acid has a very low toxicity level, but is highly effective on insects. This means that it is safe to use around children and pets, however, it’s important to ensure that they do not deliberately eat the acid.

Place the boric acid in any nook or cranny that could be appealing to the crickets. This includes along the edges of carpets and underneath furniture.

Sticky Traps

Crickets can also be caught on sticky traps. Sticky traps are sheets of paper with a gooey sticky substance that will adhere the cricket’s legs to the paper. The traps can be thrown away and can help you get rid of the crickets in your basement.

Water Traps

Water traps are fairly effective and extremely easy to set. To create a water trap, you need to mix something sweet into some water. Molasses and honey are both effective baits. Put the mixture into a bowl or container with low sides. The sweet smell and taste of the bait will lure the crickets into the bowl. Once they fall into the water, they will be unable to get out and will drown.

Seal the Basement

If none of the above methods work, you may want to try sealing off your basement. The crickets are getting inside from somewhere and you can cut off their entry points. This can usually be achieved by caulking around windows and adding rubber trim to doorways. You should also block off any other entry points, such as holes in the walls or floor.

Dry the Basement

Crickets enjoy the moistness of basements. You can deter the crickets by creating an atmosphere that is not desirable to them. This can be done by placing a heavy duty dehumidifier in your basement. The dehumidifier will pull out the moisture in the air and create a dry environment that is not suited to cricket life.

Additionally, it is important that you prevent flooding in your basement. Rainwater tends to run into basements and keep them in a state of perpetual moisture. If at all possible, prevent flooding by updating, cleaning, or installing a storm drain. Thoroughly sealing the doors and windows will also help prevent basement flooding.


The easiest way to get rid of crickets is to keep your basement dry and clean. If at all possible, seal up your basement to prevent their access to your home. If you follow these steps above and rid your home of crickets, your basement will become a more usable and enjoyable location in your home.

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  • My basement is the old stone wall type, the house being built in 1940. I have lived here for 4 1/2 yrs. This year I have been plagued with mice and I think, a rat or (S!). I thought the periodic chirping sound was maybe baby rodents looking to be fed. Then I thought of crickets! Mouse traps have been unattended for some time but the rat trap has never been touched (used peanut butter, chocolate, and bacon. Also 6 pellet stations (never touched!) . Also have a sonic repel. The motherboard in my stove has been chewed up TWICE, also waterline to the icemaker, and dishwasher wiring. No sense repairing ’til the creature is caught!
    I keep a folded paper towel ‘fixed’ from the end of the counter to just behind the stove. each morning check I find it chewed (nesting?)…hoping if it’s intact, maybe success, not likely ! An exterminator would be horrifically expensive so I need to find a really tasty poison for the trap so it would die before eating and not be a danger for my dog taking it for a stuffed toy for play!
    This is how I am spending my ‘free’ Pandemic time! I’m not bored, but very frustrated!!

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