Whether a dog is kept primarily indoors with occasional visits to the dog park or it is constantly leashed in the backyard, it important that they are always protected against fleas. When a dog’s body comes into contact with a flea it can be very unpleasant for them to bear with. They begin itching excessively and if left untreated will fall into deep discomfort. It is also not uncommon for fleas to be carriers of infectious diseases and harm the dog far worse than a regular flea. Protecting a dog from getting infected with fleas is fairly simple; they must take flea medication regularly. However, with many people leading very busy lives, they may forget to give their dog a dosage of medication and accidentally allow their dog to be vulnerable to fleas. If the dog does contract fleas, they must be removed immediately to avoid discomfort for the animal and to eliminate any spreading to humans if the dog lives indoors with the family. There are a few different ways to remove fleas from a dog, ranging in effectiveness and difficulty.

What many people do when their dog becomes infected with fleas is go to a pet supply store. These shops typically carry multiple products which are a clean and rinse process to remove fleas from a dog. These medications can sometimes be expensive, but they often work quickly and with a very small chance of any fleas surviving. After purchasing, the dog needs to be bathed and scrubbed with the medicated shampoo or conditioner. It is important to leave the solution on the dog for the time recommended on the products label in order for it to achieve full effectiveness. After rinsing, the fleas and eggs should be dead and will simply fall of the dog’s body.

Another way to remove fleas in a dog is to simply wash them repetitively with gentle soap and water. This is a much more affordable choice but it requires a lot more work. It is recommended that the dog is bathed one to two times a day for at least week so that the fleas will die. No fancy medications need to be purchased but it’s important to realize that the flea eggs may not be getting killed as well during the process. While the fleas may fall off once the dog is rinsed, they may still be infected with eggs. The owner needs to be patient if they choose to use this process of eliminating fleas since it will take much longer then a store bought medication.

If the fleas have been removed from the dog but there are eggs remaining, a flea comb will need to be used. These special combs are available at most pet supply stores and are necessary if the owner wishes to remove the eggs from their dog and eliminate any chance of them reoccurring. The flea comb is very easy to use and will not need to be used very often in order to get the job done. The comb is glided through the dog’s fur in a similar way to a regular brush. It is important that it is used all over the dog’s body several times in order to remove all the eggs that could possibly be resting on the dog’s skin.

Allowing fleas to remain on a dog’s body is cruel and causes the dog extreme discomfort over time. Along with the dog being irritated by bites, the fleas can jump onto carpet inside the owner’s home, in furniture, and even onto the bodies of the humans living inside. Commercially available medications found at pet supply stores can treat the problem almost instantly and require little time. Using gentle soap and water can also do the trick but it will take much more time and cannot be rushed through as quickly. To ensure that every flea and egg has been removed, a flea comb must be used to remove any remaining ones left on the dog’s body. If a dog happens to contract fleas from being outdoors or coming into contact with an infected dog, it is important that it is treated right away to prevent any extreme irritation or transfer to humans.

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