In researching the topic of how to get rid of birds I also conducted my own test. In my back yard I hung a very small mobile from a tree. The mobile was red white and blue and twisted when the wind blew. (Very Shiny) The ornament worked for quite a while, but since it hung in the same place all the time; the birds figured out in a few days that it wasn’t a threat. My next step is to move it around every other day.

My family used to live out in the country near quite a few orchards. Every year in the spring time the orchards would shine with bright sliver reflective tape. These tapes were placed in selected trees throughout the orchard. These were used for many years while we lived in the area. Not knowing the workers I was not able to ask them if the tape worked, but since they used them every year I would say that they must have.

I have also known people who have tried the “Bird of Prey” method where they would have a wooden painted Owl, Hawk or other threatening Bird or even a Snake in the yard to scare off the birds. I found that this method did work for a while also – but it is good to move it around from time to time. If you find one where the Head moves around or even bobs it is more effective.

There are many different methods used to get rid of birds. I have not found any that were fool proof or have worked 100% of the time.

Electronic devices that feature bird distress sounds or sounds from Birds of Prey have been known to work for some people. You need to be careful which product you choose of this kind. In many cases you may need to identify the type of bird that is causing the problem.

The electronic “squawk boxes” are usually species specific. Netting has been an alternate way to keep birds from causing a lot of damage and there is also a type of gel repellant that you can get that is non toxic. You can spread the gel wherever the birds roost. The birds don’t like the sticky goo. You can get it in gallon containers that will cover 120 square feet. It is fairly inexpensive.

On a commercial level you might want to use Bird Spikes. Bird Spikes prevent bird roosting and the dirty droppings associated with it. There is also something called a Bird Buffer that emits a mist that repels birds. These Bird Buffers have been used successfully by businesses that have a lot of food crumbs that keep the birds coming back for food. One last method that I know of would be a trap that allows the birds to fly in but they cant get out. The airport in Seattle has one of these. They trap the birds and then relocate them.

Birds can be a problem. Depending on the scale of the problem you are having, some of these suggestions may prove to be an answer.

When searching the internet for answers try to be sure you are gathering good information. There are a lot of comments from people that will harm the birds and that can be caustic to the environment and to other animals. These methods that I have suggested will not harm the birds or any other animal. It would be a shame to poison our dogs and cats trying to get rid of birds.

A good website that is very informative and can also give you some great ideas and has a customer service line that will take your questions is Absolute Bird Control.


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