With austerity being the order of the day, and people making do with less, any simple changes we can make to our dwellings to enhance and extend their usefulness to us, while also making our surroundings more attractive, are worth considering. A bedroom fitted wardrobe will help get your belongings sorted out and stored in an attractive way and give the illusion of more living space in your rooms.

Why should you consider a fitted bedroom wardrobe?

Fitted wardrobes can take those awkward spaces in your home and make them useful. If you have dormer bedrooms with those slanted ceilings, fitted bedroom wardrobes can be designed to take maximum advantage of those slant ceiling spaces. Do you have an open space under the stairs? How about a fitted coat cupboard for that space? Do you have a messy and unorganized dressing room? Open front fitted wardrobe sections within it can help you organize that clutter and free up all that space.

DIY fitted wardrobes don’t have to be just about hanging clothing. When building new closet spaces, you can easily incorporate bookcases, drawers, cubbies, or a desk workspace. Or consider flanking wardrobes on either side of your bed with a hanging cupboard up high against the ceiling, to frame your bedspace. This treatment can even incorporate built in nightstands, with wiring for electronics tucked away, and recessed lighting in the cupboard above the headboard. Inside a dressing room, you might consider a center bench island with cubbies underneath for shoes on one side, and with drawers on the other, or instead build it as a blanket chest with a lifting top for storing linens. Inside a mud room or laundry room, you can surround the appliances with cupboards and shelf space for pantry and cleaning tool stowing. Or, in your family room, incorporate your entertainment appliances into custom cupboards that will also house the family games, books, collections, sporting equipment, videos and computer equipment. Incorporating some additional built in cupboard space in a master bath allows for discreet storage of necessary medical and hygienic items.

Careful design of your custom wardrobe can solve other decorating problems. Is your room too dark? Consider incorporating mirrors into the cupboard doors to multiply the available light in the room or include recessed lighting into the hanging cupboard overhangs. Low ceiling? When designing the wardrobe choose doors with vertical lines within their design to give the illusion of more height, and choose a design with two tall doors rather than one squatter door. Is the room narrow? When building the built in wardrobes on the short wall flanking the window, incorporate a window seat with lifting tops for more storage. This will add a horizontal line to break up those verticals and help make the room appear wider, especially if the closet doors also incorporate horizontal lines, and use chunkier doors.

Custom Wardrobes can be matched to any decorating look. Whether your home is an ancient country cottage or a sleek modern townhouse, you can have your closet built to match the style of your home. The doors can look like walnut wainscoting, they can be sliding mirrored panels, or they can look like japanese screens. Whatever your taste, whatever your colors, you can match your built in cupboards to harmonize with your surroundings.

The more closets you have the easier it’ll be to sell your house when you move. Homes with lots of storage aren’t cluttered. They show better when the time comes to sell them. And anyone looking to buy will appreciate the ability to hide all their junk the way you can! The perceived value of your house will be higher in comparison to others.

Custom Fit Closets do not have to be expensive. There are many do-it-yourself modular kits available now at the local home centers, allowing you to build it yourself. With minor modification and a good plan, you can incorporate these into your situation. They range from formica coated pressboard to wirerack modular units to natural wood and more. You can also pay a professional to build you exactly what you wish.

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