There’s no mystery as to why thousands of people ask, “How much does it cost to install a ceiling fan?” For no matter where you live, ceiling fans provide numerous benefits. For instance, ceiling fans are capable of improving the heating and cooling efficiency of a home. With added features and controls, they also provide adequate lighting and ambience for any occasion. Since they come in a wide variety of styles, the fans also add to the beauty of the room and overall aesthetic value of the home. Moreover, ceiling fans are less expensive to operate than air conditioners.

National Average Cost of Ceiling Fan Installation

According to various home remodeling cost estimators, the 2013 national average price for new ceiling fan installation in the U.S. ranges from $95-$215, if done as a DIY project. The average DIYer spends around $143 on the project. For those who prefer to have a licensed electrician or other service provider do the work, the national average price ranges from $100-$600. The majority of homeowners spent around $238-$330 for ceiling fan installations, with an average reported cost of $284. Several websites provide cost calculators that can help you determine the average price range for your specific location and project.

Varying Cost Factors

Numerous factors can affect the cost of installing a ceiling fan. The primary factors are the fan’s type, style, and features, as well as who performs the labor. The intended placement location, as well as the location of the home will also greatly affect the price. Additionally, the amount of labor required will influence the total cost. The amount of labor varies from project to project, depending on the home’s wiring, ceiling structure and type of fan. The amount of labor and price are also influenced by whether the fan is replacing an existing light fixture or another ceiling fan.

Ways to Reduce Cost of Installing a Ceiling Fan

Numerous ways to reduce the cost of installing a ceiling fan exist. The primary way is to do the installation as a DIY project. However, this should only be done if the homeowner has some experience working with electrical wiring and understands the basic principles of electricity.

Another method of reducing the cost is to conduct on-line and off-line comparison-shopping. Most professional electricians and repair people will give free quotes. Many websites also provide comparison services. Some websites will even obtain quotes from local service providers upon request. Checking out the prices of materials at various home improvement stores can save you money too, even if you are not doing DIY installations. Just knowing how much it does cost to install a ceiling fan helps to reduce the final expenses.


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