Screen doors are an absolute necessity and are relatively inexpensive. Whether you only need a simple constructed light-weight wood screen door for your vacation cabin or an innovative whimsical addition to your new state-of-the-art home, all are available.

Walk-through door screens, garage door screens, instant patio screen doors, smart screen doors, retractable screen doors, and simple, inexpensive screen doors are talked about here. How to repair, hardware and installations will be thrown in for good measure.

Walk-through screen doors

Walk through screen doors are inexpensive innovative doors that snap into place magnetically. They are instantly removable and can be moved around, taken down, taken along to summer vacation homes and stored when not in use. Prices range from $39.95 to $79.95 depending on the size.

They work by way of magnets. With arms loaded with groceries you can walk through and the door will close behind you. This allows pets to let themselves in and out. Even French doors can accommodate a walk-through sliding screen door.

A walk-through mesh screen for five foot double French doors is also available from and other dealers for $69.95 and are reversible for either right or left door. How does it stay in place? Tension rods and Velcro is the secret to its instantaneous installation. Weights hold it down.

Garage door screens

Secure Screens Systems sell screens for garage doors. When garages are left often screens provide privacy and keep flying insects and blowing leaves out. It is invisible when not in use. Of course this adds an extra expense to garage doors but consider how your garage is used.

Is it a play area for kids, your workshop, an extra guest room? If so, privacy and a bug free area is called for. You can operate it manually or by a remote control. Most garage doors can be fitted with screens and reputable companies will see that they fit properly and you are satisfied.

Smart door screens

Bug-Off garage screen doors advertise their screen storm doors as being smart. What then do they have to offer that the others brands do not have? They claim to have been the first to sell magnetic doors. It is essentially a walk-through roller screen door and their smartness comes from their apparent dedication to their smart doors.

They warn that their mesh screen doors are not security doors. Any child or pet can walk through since the magnetic door opens by sensors. They also will custom make your door to your specifications and they offer guarantees.

Retractable screen doors

Phantom Screens goes all out to show how their retractable pet screen doors are an improvement over all other varieties of screen garage doors. When they are not needed they quietly glide out the way and will permit a clear view from a sliding glass doors opening onto a patio or a bad yard, front yard, or wherever.

Their web site is impressive indeed. Along with acquainting potential customers to their phantom screen products, they invite entrepreneurs to investigate their business possibilities.

Simple glass screen doors

Simple replacement screen doors mean different thing to different people. They run the gamut from simple to install to being actual simple, inexpensive, wood double screen doors that can be purchased from any hardware store; or built by a homeowner with a hammer, nails, saw and a bit of left over screen from a neighbor’s screened in porch. They can be ordered from or from Lowe’s, Home Depot or your local hardware dealer.

Simpler than that, instant metal screen doors seem to be all the rage on the Internet. They are affordable and worry free. What are they? Fiber mess door screens that you instantly put up and take down at will. Installation is easy. They attach at the top of the door with a tension rod are secured by hooks and loops.

Maintenance of door screens are easier than ever before. Routinely the tracks need to be kept clean and free of dust so the screens slide easily. When a tear gets torn, repair can be done without having to replace the whole screen. (This is for the traditional lightweight aluminum screen door; the more innovative types may need other types of repair.)

What you do is replace the section of the screen that is damaged. These are probably available from the same company where you bought the door screen. Fiberglass costs about 25 cents a square foot; aluminum screen — not used much any more — costs about $40 cents a square foot; and stainless steel, the best cost 1.60 cents a square foot.

Other screen materials, not often used, is bronze , and the cost is around $2.00 a square foot. Another durable plastic product that holds up much longer than the flimsier fiberglass is Polyester Core at a cost of around $1.50 cents a square foot. Even pets, they say, have a difficult time damaging it.

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