Closets are generally an area where we stow away all of our unsightly belongings as well as clothing. Several companies offer storage systems for inside the closet, but none of them are very appealing to look at. When it comes to a bedroom closet, the last thing we want is to let everyone see what is inside. Several designs for closet doors have been developed that offer their own decorative touch as well as functional benefits.

Some people consider hanging a sheet over the closet opening to be the perfect solution. Although this serves the purpose of covering the closet it is a very tacky and unappealing solution. Most bedroom closet doors are very inexpensive and are to seal in the closet content securely.

Swinging doors, more commonly known as single hinge doors, are the most frequently found doors on any closet. These doors can either have a left hinge or right hinge, meaning they will open up to the left or to the right. This allows you to open up the closet fully to expose what is inside. If the closet is in the corner of your bedroom, you would most likely want a door that swings into the corner wall. These doors are very inexpensive which makes them a desired product because they are also functional and not unpleasant to look at. Swinging doors can be hard to maneuver because they require the most space to open and therefore are not the best choice for smaller rooms.

Bi-fold doors are a very customizable option. You can choose to have these wood panels designed in a flat panel, louvered panels, or any other decorative details you could imagine. Due to this system being a fully customizable style, bi-fold door are available in any size or wood stain. Bi-fold doors are doors that have handles in the center that you slide towards both ends of the closet to expose the entirety of the closet from the center out. These doors are offered with the rotating hinge which allows you to open the door to the ends of the closet and rotate the panels out to expose the very ends of the closet.

Bedroom closet sliding doors are ideal for small spaces. These door panels are held on a metal slide system which allows you to slide both doors to either the left or right side, exposing half of the closet area at one time. These doors are normally composed of two sliding mirror panels. The mirror panels give the illusion of the bedroom being a lot larger than it really is. The mirrors are also very helpful for trying on your wardrobe as you pick it out. These sliding bedroom closet doors are also available in wood or vinyl finishing. Sliding doors come in a variety of sizes ranging from four feet up to eight feet in width and up to ninety-six inches in height.

Folding doors, when opened, often give the appearance of an accordion. These systems usually contain one or two panels that fold into the corner of the door openings. Folding doors are most commonly composed of a vinyl material because they can be constructed to function without having an opening between the folds, meaning the vinyl acts as a self hinge. Wood folding doors are also available and contain a small hinge between each fold. Vinyl folding doors are one of the most inexpensive closet door options because they are not the most flattering door to look at. The wood folding doors are a lot more expensive and for this reason they are not a very common choice.

The best thing about bedroom closet door systems is the ability to make the door fit into the room. The wooden doors can be stained or painted any color which allows you to match existing molding or colors throughout the room. Think about the space you have in the room and consider whether or not the room allows the door to function properly. Picking the perfect door is not a stressful task and it is one that you will be very happy with completing.

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