“How much does a porch cost?” is a frequently asked question among homeowners. This is primarily due to the fact that adding a porch to a home provides numerous benefits to the homeowner. If the house is sold within one year of the porch’s completion, the homeowner may recover as much as 80-120 percent of the investment, according to real estate experts. However, porches make a good investment even if the homeowner does not plan on selling the house. Porches can also create additional living space, add beauty and increase the home’s overall aesthetic value.

National Average Cost

The cost for adding porches greatly varies among the projects due to numerous factors. Homewyse states the 2013 national average price runs approximately $4.74-$6.83 per square foot, with the materials and hourly labor wages included. This would make the cost for a 200-square foot porch range around $948-$1,366. This total concurs with Redbeacon’s estimate of $1, 280 for a 100-200 square foot porch. According to Redbeacon, the average person spends $1,272 for a porch, with the prices ranging from $382 to $4,230. However, several other experts claim the average price runs between $500 and $2,000 for basic, non-masonry porches. The average cost goes up to around $67-$70 per square foot if the porch design is complex or requires modifying or reinforcing the home’s exterior surfaces. For customized porches, the national average cost range is $10,000-$45,000, with the average person spending $21,000-$21,500.

Cost-affecting Factors

As with most building projects, the porch’s size, as well as the quality and the type of materials used will largely influence the total cost. Home location, local climate conditions, complicity of design and the building’s structure will also affect the price. The expenses will also vary according to the fees for permits/licenses, building inspections, contractors and laborers. Some designs may require the services of an electrician, as well as a general building contractor and roofing expert.

Best Ways to Reduce Costs

The best ways to reduce the costs of adding on a porch are to keep the design as simple as possible and to do comparison-shopping. Careful planning prior to beginning the actual build will help reduce the overall expenses. Getting quotes from several contractors, even if planning to make it a do-it-yourself project, can save money, time and labor. Including handicapped accessible features is another way to increase the value of the porch and home, and reduce the cost of adding these features later. Another way to reduce the price is to have the porch installed during the contractor’s off-season, when business is slow and the contractor is more likely to be willing to negotiate the price.

Numerous websites offer free cost estimators and advice on how to build porches. Many local home improvement stores can also help estimate the cost of materials. Therefore, now that you know how much a porch does cost, you can begin to start budgeting for the project. Whether you choose a basic porch or a complex masterpiece, the enjoyment of outdoor living that a porch provides makes it well worth the investment.


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