Adding a greenhouse may be the best home improvement a homeowner ever makes. A greenhouse can help lower the grocery bill while providing many hours of gardening pleasure. When properly maintained, a greenhouse can provide a stable, controlled environment for growing fruits, vegetables and herbs that help to improve the homeowner’s health all year long. It can also be utilized for growing flowers and other types of plants that can be used for home décor and landscaping purposes. Since greenhouses are becoming so popular, adding one to your yard or balcony could also increase the value of the home for resale purposes. However, it is best to plan and budget the greenhouse addition in advance of starting the project.

Average cost

The average price ranges from $30 to $350 for kits that include all the materials required for building small, temporary greenhouses. Larger fabricated greenhouses can range from $3,000 to $9,000 and can be either temporary or more permanent greenhouses. However, the professionally built greenhouses usually require using the services of 2-4 contractors and the price ranges from $5,800 to $31,120. Utilizing professional contractors for the project typically costs $20 – $30 per square foot. Most homeowners reported spending between $14,395 -$20,125, with the average person spending $17,260.

Factors Affecting Price

Numerous factors affect the final price of a greenhouse, such as its shape and size. The materials used for construction also affect the cost. Additionally, the amount of site preparation and the extra features added to the greenhouse, such as electricity and HVAC systems, will influence the total expense. The larger and more complex the greenhouse is, then the more expensive it becomes. It may be necessary to obtain building permits and variances, which will also add to the price. However, the major factor affecting the final expense is who performs the actual labor and how much labor is required.

Planning and Comparison Shopping

Due to the wide range of greenhouse choices, it is wise to carefully plan out the desired greenhouse prior to purchasing a kit or hiring a contractor. Think about the needs of the various types of plants that will be grown. Consider how much space is needed to work with the plants comfortably. Also, think about how much bending and reaching the gardening may entail. Although it may be tempting to save money by purchasing a very small greenhouse kit, it may be better to start with at least a medium sized greenhouse.

Comparison-shopping helps homeowners save lots of money, since the prices vary amongst the various contractors and stores. It is easy to get quotes and detailed information from several contractors, home improvement stores, and gardening supply stores, both online and offline. It is also easy to get more specific cost estimates by visiting several websites that offer cost estimators for building projects. It is also possible to obtain more specific quotes and detailed information by visiting home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot.

More Tips

Although it is more costly, you should consider using professional contractors or fabricated greenhouses when planning to install a large permanent structure. The preparation work and construction work can be quite taxing unless you have lots of prior experience with building construction and creating cement foundations. Nonetheless, be sure to check out the references, licenses and reputations when hiring contractors. Consider using a kit rather than working from scratch if choosing to build it as a DIY project. Using a kit may save you money, time and effort while providing a warranty. Either way, check that there are no recalls on any products or materials that you are considering purchasing. Moreover, ensure that the greenhouse you erect is properly designed to withstand the local climate conditions, such as heavy rains, snow and high winds.


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