For the fashion oriented on a budget, a fantastic jewelry item to consider is crystal. Throughout history, crystal has possessed a rich, natural heritage due to its renown as a mystical and magical substance for not only religious rights and rituals but also for jewelry making as well. In fact, crystal was traditionally used in a plethora of Australian Aboriginal rituals.

Likewise, crystal clouds the passageways in the burial tombs and cemeteries of Europe. In Asia, crystal was the most treasured stone used for carving, and in the Middle East, varieties of crystal were loved by craftsman to create highly valued vases and vessels. Most commonly, crystal was, and currently still is, used in jewelry making. Crystal continued to be the substance of choice used in the construction of objects that were considered valuable, quality, and expensive until the mid-19th century when crystal fell from its top seat in fashion with the exception of jewelry.

Today, crystal is better known to the common man as quartz, which is one of the most abundant minerals available in Earth’s crust. A mixture of silicon and oxygen, crystal comes in many varieties, several of which are semi-precious gems. One type of crystal is called clear or pure crystal, and since it is one of the most abundant kinds of crystals, it is also one of the most widely used in jewelry making. The clear color also enables pure crystal jewelry to pair with any outfit because it will match every hue. Another type of crystal, dubbed smoky crystal, is named for its yellow to brownish hue.

The wide range of this crystal is so incredibly broad that smoky crystal’s clarity can, in fact, range from near transparency to an almost completely opaque grey color. The unique coloring is rarely found naturally on earth and is more valuable than many other varieties of crystal because it is practically indistinguishable from topaz. Currently, Brazil is the leading manufacturer of smoky crystal. One other extraordinary kind of crystal is rose crystal.

This unique and rather rare crystal possesses a pink or rosy color because it contains trace amounts of titanium, iron, or manganese. Interestingly, some of the very first rose crystals were discovered in Rumford, Maine; however, most crystal jewelry is now marketed from Minas Gerais, Brazil. While Rose crystal is beautiful, it is not typically used often in crystal jewelry, especially earrings because the gem usually has too many impurities. So, if buying rose crystal jewelry, be sure to examine the stones to ensure the goodness of the quality. Several other forms of crystal include: Chalcedony, Agate, Jasper, Amethyst, and Tiger’s Eye.

Now understanding the history of crystal, buyers can better appreciate and compare various kinds of crystal used in jewelry, such as crystal earrings so that they can purchase the type that best suites their needs. Wholesale earrings especially make use of crystal because the substance is so easily adaptable. Since crystal forms in a variety of colors and grades, crystal jewelry is extremely versatile and adaptable to any outfit or occasion. Since it is also a substance very easily accessible on our planet, crystal jewelry is comparatively inexpensive to buy.

While there are numerous places to find crystal drop earrings, some of the best and cheapest crystal stud earrings can be bought online, directly from manufacturer’s websites, such as Buyers should be mindful that since many crystal hoop earrings are produced in South America, they may have to pay a larger shipping fee because the jewelry is traveling a long distance.

Also, jewelry wholesalers or discount crystal retailers will likewise offer great deals on dangle crystal earrings, although the buyer should carefully examine the merchandise before purchasing because most of these sites will not offer warranties if the earrings break or discolor. is a wonderful discount, wholesale site to visit for inexpensive crystal earrings. If trying on the jewelry is important, reputable department stores with physical addresses like Sears or Kohls sell excellent teardrop crystal earrings that may come with a warranty as well as jewelry repair services.

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