The red rose is a classic American plant that is beautiful and is often used to symbolize love.  While it is very common to purchase red roses for a loved one, very few people actually grow their own roses.  Growing your own rose plant will beautify your garden and allow you to give the freshest roses possible to the people you care about.  While many believe that planting your own roses is difficult and time consuming, it can actually be done quite easily and effectively if proper instructions are followed.

The first step in planting your own roses is to gather all necessary supplies.  You will need to purchase a new rose bush, a shovel, a bucket, gardening gloves, and some organic compost.  All of these supplies can be purchased for an affordable price at any home improvement or gardening store.

Once you have gathered all the necessary supplies, the next step in planting your own roses it to find a site selection for your rose bush.  Roses grow best in areas with naturally irrigating soil as well as plenty of sunlight.  Be sure to select a spot of your garden that gets around 6 hours of sunlight per day and can take advantage of any rain storms.  Also, to prevent infestation, it would be best to plant the rose bush away from other bushes, which can attract bugs and critters.

Once you have found the right selection for your rose bush, the next step is to dig the hole and prepare it for installation of the rose bush.  You will first need to use your shovel to dig a hole that is about two times the dept and width of the rose bush’s root.  After digging the hole, fill it with water and allow it to drain to ensure it irrigates properly and quickly.  If the hole has adequate drainage for the rose bush, it should drain of free standing water within a few minutes. 

After the water has removed, you will want to repack some of the soil to build a cone shaped hole.  Once that is constructed, place the base of the rose bush in the bottom of the cone shaped hole.  Gently pack the remaining soil around the rose bush while ensuring that all roots are underground and all bulbs and branches are above ground.

Once the rose bush is planted, you will need to monitor and maintain its progress going forward.  This will require you to ensure the rose bush is getting watered at least twice per day and is not being consumed by any bugs or critters.  If it is suffering from infestation, you may need to build a small gardening fence around the bush and spay it down with pesticides.  As the rose bush grows, you will need to continuously remove any broken branches and fully grown rose flowers.  By doing this, you will encourage the rose bush to produce more and more roses.


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