For thousands of years the fashion accessory that lights up the face even better than make-up is stylish wholesale earrings. Whether pierced or clips it is a gift every woman would love to have. Earrings change with outfits, moods, fashion and can be funky, elegant, extravagant, humble and are suitable for babies, girls, teens, working women, mothers and grandmothers, aunts, cousins, friends, lovers in other words, just about everyone.

Buying wholesale jewelry earrings wholesale is the best way to get a large variety at reasonable prices. Diamonds, pearls, sapphires, rubies, opals as well as semi-precious stones such as coral, turquoise, garnet, citrine, lapis, and many more are all available at wholesale prices. There are also great looking designs with crystal, agate, amethyst and shells and even glass and plastic.

The styles vary so much from a tiny stud pearl to a string of diamonds that reaches your shoulder. Simple drop hearts or elaborate hanging earrings with many different stones, colors and designs. There are large round hoops as well as small round hoops in gold, silver, platinum and other metals that are inexpensive and have no lead or nickel. Some can be solid gold and some are gold plated but all are beautiful and available at wholesale prices.

A huge variety of beautiful wholesale silver earrings is available at

They are cubic zirconium, mother of pearl, rhinestones, acrylic decorated with stones, in several different metals including copper, gold or Rhodium plating. These earrings are high quality costume jewelry and some can have customized specifications. Many of these styles are suitable for young girls.

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The styles are more mature but still young. The fashion is long, hanging stones with coral, agate, crystal, amethyst and shell. These fashions look trendy and fun for teenagers and young working women. There is a huge variety and every one is attractive.

India is famous for its classical and exotic jewelry with designs popular for thousands of years.

is a website where copies of many different Indian styles are handmade and sold wholesale. Clips, studs, hoops, chandeliers, even bamboo and magnetic are made. When you want to find wholesale fashion earrings that are special, it may take a lot of time looking in a shop and the best may be already taken. Online each earring available can be seen and every style judged for the right one for each occasion or gift. There are beautiful copies of ancient designs as well as modern trends.

Hematite is the mineral form of iron oxide. It is black or steel gray and sometimes brown or rust colored brown. Black or steel gray hematite makes very trendy jewelry. If it is cut and polished it shines and sparkles but still has a down to earth funky kind of look.

These earrings are out of the ordinary and will be attractive to someone out of the mainstream.

Anyone, mainstream or not loves genuine diamonds. Wholesale diamond jewelry is the best.

These earrings are 14k and 10k gold and worthy of a wedding, anniversary or any time something very special is wanted.

There is a large selection of diamond studs with different cuts and settings at wholesale prices. Since they specialize in diamond stud earrings they can sell them at a lower cost. They match shapes and sizes to make a perfect pair of earrings.

Last but not least is a site with something for everyone. There is every style, trend and material and each one is gorgeous.

There are wooden animal print loops, fairy dangles, Christian jewelry, antique dangles that are either copied from the last century or headed straight for a hippie shop. There are glass discs, resembling Murano glass from Italy, with tiny rosettes and trendy skull earrings. Here is a selection, almost unlimited.


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