The average person typically uses a bathroom sink in the bathroom many times in a day. It is usually used to wash hands and face, brush teeth or comb hair. These are performed to for both good hygiene and cleanliness so the bathroom vanity sink must be functional and large enough to meet these needs.

A bathroom sink vessel is often referred to as a basin or lavatory in most American homes. It typically has a faucet or tap enclosed with hot and cold water faucets combined into one or set up separately. A mirror is normally found atop the sink so someone can see what he or she is doing while in front of it, whether it be brushing or shaving.

The concept of the bathroom pedestal sink goes back to Prehistoric times when Neanderthals created basins or sinks out of carved rocks, which formed into round shapes by many years of weathering. By the 19th century, it had made its way into the business world when the first kitchen sink was sold. At that time they were made of lightweight materials, including nickel, copper, manganese, carbon, iron and silicon. Early in the 1920s, sinks with a solid ceramic base were designed. Today, there are numerous sink companies that make and sell good quality bathroom sink vanities. The styles of bathroom sinks greatly vary, from the standard white porcelain to granite, glass, corain and ceramic. The options for a bathroom sink are endless.

A bathroom that is remodeled can either improve the style of a home or serve as a special place that is like no other in the home. Being typically the smallest room in a home, it can express overwhelming individual style with the architectural elements found throughout the home. Your budget for the small bathroom sink will help you to narrow your selection between the traditional bowl, glass bowl, pedestal and warm wood. But as you begin to shop around, it is a good idea to have a preferred style in mind.

Before deciding on a bathroom sink, you will have to choose how you want it to be mounted. If you are looking for a clean and sleek look, this can be achieved with an integrated solid-surface sink. A sink that is flush-mounted also gives this same look. An under-mounted sink is placed underneath the countertop and gives a smooth look that is very easy to clean. A glass bathroom sink that is top-mounted sits on top of the counter and is the easiest style to install yourself. A traditional style undermount bathroom sink has a sink bowl that rests on a stand or pedestal base.

The most common choice of material for a corner bathroom sink is white porcelain. There are other colors available but are available at a much higher price. Materials that are a custom solid or ready-made can be shaped into the counter and sink to fit into a particular space. Sinks that are cast iron enameled can come in any color to match any d├ęcor. They are also very durable and chip-resistant. Metals, stone and glass can all be shaped and formed into any shape and size to create drama. The newest material found in contemporary bathroom sinks is wood and are the most expensive in choices available today.

Modern bathroom sink styles fall into three different categories: pedestal, wall-hung and vanity.

1. Pedestal. This style sink provides charm, but can also make a smaller bathroom look bigger because there is no storage below or counter above. Sometimes, the lack of these is a drawback for buyers. This type sink can cost anywhere between $60 and $600 or more.
2. Wall-hung. This type of wall mount bathroom sink can be fit into smaller spaces and often used in bathrooms for people with wheelchairs because they can be put in at any height and have a lot of space underneath them. One particular type is a console sink that looks to be held up by just two front legs. It is important to remember that all plumbing is exposed with a wall hung bathroom sink. The average wall-hung sink ranges from $50 to $200 to more than $300.
3. Vanity. A vanity sink has a lot of countertop space and storage underneath. Sinks are able to attach to a vanity in many different ways with the most common being on the top of the countertop with a bowl dropping below. Ceramic bathroom sink can be mounted underneath or attached at the bottom of the counter. The cost of a vanity with countertop and faucet begines anywere between $250 and $550.

When creating a new look in your bathroom with a sink, it is important to remember the purpose of your bathroom and your needs in the space. It is also importnant to know what exact style will fit and what materials and colors you prefer before you begin your shopping.

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