There are numerous details to consider when shopping for a bathroom vanity. Bathroom vanity units differ in style, price, and functionality. To select the best option for your specific situation you will need to explore your options carefully.

Obviously, the amount of space you have in your bathroom is a major factor in determining the style of vanity you include in your bathroom design. If your bathroom is small, a single sink vanity may be all that you have space for. Your style options are just as numerous for single sink vanities as they are for double sink vanities. Single sink vanities may be constructed of wood or glass. You have the option of vessel type sink vanities or vanities with under mount sinks. Porcelain sinks in a wooden vanity are also an option.

Glass vanities with vessel sinks are a great choice for a small bathroom. Their transparent appearance makes the room feel more spacious. If a glass vanity is a little too modern for your design style, there are other options to choose from that work well in a small bathroom. A pedestal vanity is a space saving option for a small bathroom. You can find pedestals made of glass, wood, and numerous other materials. You still have the choice of vessel or under mount sinks when using a pedestal vanity. One other style option for a small bathroom is a corner vanity. These offer more storage and counter space than the pedestal style vanity. With a corner bathroom vanity unit, you have counter top options such as glass or granite just as you would with more conventional vanity styles.

If you are looking for a vanity for a large bathroom, your options increase somewhat. A popular choice for a large bathroom, especially a master bath, is a double sink vanity. You can find these in styles that blend in well with a modern design, a traditional design, a country decor, or any other bathroom style. Prices vary tremendously and their variation is closely connected to the type of material you select for your vanity counter top. An affordable option of vanity is a Corian one piece top and bowl vanity. Higher priced vanities generally have marble, Travertine, or granite counter tops. You can include the elegance, sophistication, and beauty of granite in your bathroom even if you have a limited budget if you implement some frugal shopping techniques and are willing to be flexible with your selection. Check out the discount vanities available locally and online. This is a great way to purchase items that might otherwise exceed your budget.

Before buying a bathroom vanity, give some thought to your lifestyle. Think about how much storage space you need in your vanity. You also need to consider the amount of counter space you desire. Vanity styles differ so that you have options such as a vanity with drawers and cabinets, only cabinets, or open shelves for storage.

With careful consideration, you should be able to find a vanity that fits your lifestyle and decorating style perfectly.

It is important to remember that in a large bathroom, you are not limited to the traditional double sink vanity with large cabinet storage area. You could choose two separate pedestal sinks for your master bath. Each person could use the storage space in their vanity solely for personal items. You could design your bathroom so that the sinks occupy the same wall or so that they are actually more separated. A mirror over each sink would add a great deal of reflective quality to your bathroom.

Bathroom sink vanity units can be found with a starting price of less than $200. Depending on your budget and personal decorating style, you can spend in excess of $1,000 for a bathroom vanity. Obviously, you will want your vanity to enhance the appearance of your bathroom. However, your main focus should be on function and durability when selecting a vanity. It will be a frequently used piece of your bathroom decor so you will want to select a product that will endure daily use.

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