Have your ever wondered how to make a small house look bigger? Your home is your castle. It is your sanctuary from the storms of life. So what do you do when your castle appears more like a cabin? Is your home so small that you are tripping over yourself? If that is the situation for you then here is some help to solve that problem for you. Here is how to make a small house look bigger.

Start by looking around at the house and the furniture. Note if the flow to the house is correct. Is there any way that you could make the furniture be arranged so that there is more room? If you begin to think about how much you love the furniture stop yourself. The furniture is only as good as it is functional. If you are not comfortable then it is not applicable. So get rid of all of the furniture that you don’t need.

Now that you have that done look at the lighting. Consider brightening the colors in the room. Lighter colors provide the illusion of more space. Try it and you will see how much that can help. Also consider a valance with blinds instead of heavy curtains. That can really help a room lighten up and appear larger.

Next check out the wall situation. If you can’t open the walls up and add more space consider a mirror or two. Adding a mirror or two here and there can really help. It might also add more visibility to what is around you. Have fun with that.

Now consider the bedrooms. If they have the typical closet and it is cluttered, consider having a garage sale. Get rid of the things that you have not worn in the last year. If it hasn’t been worn then it won’t be. Lighten your load by ridding yourself of the unnecessary baggage. You will make some money from it too.

Now that you have the essentials, check out the options that are available to you. There are Space Bags that can be used in closets to make more space. Go buy a bunch of them and use those. That can add a lot of space to a cluttered environment. Adjust them through the seasons also. Winter has one wardrobe. Summer has another wardrobe. Use plastic bins to hold the things that you don’t use during the current season. The rest can be placed in your closet. Organization goes a long way. Place the pants with the pants. Place the socks with the socks. You might even try placing things in categories of color. It certainly happens in expensive homes. Make your home your castle. It is easy once you have the tools. You might even have a better sense of style after organizing everything. If you know what you have, you can know what you need to “get that look” that is in fashion. Really make this a complete overhaul of your castle and you.

Finally look at your kitchen. There are some shelf things that can be bought by space saver that can go a really long way. Check those out here:

Space Saver

Get everything organized and always put things away where they belong every time. That goes a long way in clutter. Get rid of the clutter and you will have a lot more space. Organize everything in the area that it is used the most. Place the spices where you can reach them. Organized them by type of spice and you might even cook more often. Your family will thank you for that.

Consider shelving that is layered to make optimum use of every single area of the room. Making more room will not only make it look like you have more space, it will also make more space for you. That should make you feel better every day. There’s just something to looking around your home and feeling like it is organized. More space and more organization go a long way in serenity.

Now you should have your castle well organized. You should know where everything is when you need things. Your home will feel and look like it has more space. No longer will you have to wonder how to make a small house look bigger. You already know.

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