A mirrored vanity can be included in your bathroom design or as part of a bedroom decor. There are numerous styles to select from in both categories of mirrored vanities.

In a bathroom, you could include a mirrored vanity sink as part of your design. The reflective quality of the vanity can certainly add illuminating elegance to any bathroom. The ceramic sink and marble veneer top complete its look of elegance. Another option of vanity for your bathroom is a Venetian mirrored vanity sink or Venetian vanity dressing table. A black finish, sleek designed bathroom vanity mirror is an excellent addition to a master bath or guest bathroom in a home with a modern style of decor. With all of the vanity table with mirror styles available, you can easily find one that will fit perfectly into your bathroom design.

A mirrored vanity can also be a part of the decor in a bedroom. Adding a mirrored vanity to a little girl’s bedroom can make her feel more grown up. There is a design style called a Princess model. The vanity is pink and purple and the mirror is in the shape of a heart. Sitting at this vanity could indeed make a little girl feel like a princess. KidKraft also manufactures a mirrored vanity for girls that is white and would blend in with many bedroom styles.

As a young girl matures, a vanity with mirror might well become her favorite piece of furniture. A teenage girl might find something like an oak vanity a little too out dated for her decorating style. However, she would probably love the addition of a white or heirloom green vanity with mirror to her bedroom decor. A wrought iron vanity might also be an option for a teenage girl’s bedroom.

A woman of any age feels special when sitting at her vanity mirror and bench. You can easily find vanities that will enhance the beauty of a bedroom. There are many style options of wooden vanities. oak, mahogany, cherry and many other wood types are available. If you have ample space in a dressing area of a bedroom, an antique mirrored vanity would be a great addition to that space. An antiqued mirror veneer vanity with a lift up top and drawers on each side of the knee opening is an impressive piece of furniture. A Queen Anne vanity with a tilt mirror might be a more enticing choice for some women. If vintage antiques are not your style, you might prefer a sleek, sophisticated mirrored vanity in a rich dark wood or possibly black lacquer.

If your bedroom space is small, there are some styles of small mirrored vanities that you can fit into a small area. You have a choice of seating for the vanity and also a choice of mirror styles. Some vanity have a lift up mirror located in the middle of the vanity. Other styles have mirrors that are mounted to the vanity. And, there are some mirrored vanities with three section mirrors that allow a lady various angles to access her appearance.

If you want to designate a portion of your bathroom as a dressing area, a mirrored vanity would be a great addition to that space. An attractive vanity set that includes the vanity, chair and mirror would be a good choice for a bathroom dressing area. A set in a white or black art deco design would be a possible option. A set with a nickel bronze finish would look great in a small bathroom. If you like to select unique designs, a modern green glass mirrored vanity might appeal to your modern or eclectic style.

Adding a vanity with mirror and bench to a bathroom or bedroom is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of a room with a functional piece of furniture.

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