When buying bathroom lighting fixtures for a new home or for a remodeling project, the bathroom light is seldom given as much thought as the bathroom wall lights for other rooms. However, that isn’t how it should be. After all, even though you may spend less time in the bathroom than you do in a family room, kitchen, or bedroom, the time spent in a bathroom is important. It is while you are in the bathroom each morning that you prepare yourself for your entrance into the outside world each day. You want to look your best when you step out to face the world. Quite possibly, the time you spend in your bathroom may even affect the mood in which you begin or end your day. A room of such importance deserves the perfect contemporary bathroom lighting.

When selecting bathroom lighting fixtures for a bathroom you can save money on your electric bill if you look for Energy Star fixtures. There are many styles of lighting available that are labeled as energy efficient. You can also reduce the amount of money spent on the use of bathroom vanity lights in the bathroom by selecting several fixtures that serve specific areas as opposed to just placing one ceiling bathroom vanity light in the bathroom.

Halogen light is ideal for vanity lighting. A wall sconce on either side of a vanity mirror may provide sufficient lighting in a small bathroom. If you have a large vanity area, you might need to select a fixture such as a pendant island light or a bar light that can be placed across the top of the mirror.

To assure that you have proper ventilation in a small bathroom or a bathroom with no window you should definitely install a ventilation fan in the ceiling of your bathroom. You can buy a ventilation fan and bathroom fan light combination for less than $100. Some models also have a heater included. This is certainly a worthwhile investment.

A recessed bathroom light in the shower can be a way to save money. Installing a bathroom mirror light in the shower eliminates the need to have a large bathroom ceiling light on when all you need is a small light to illuminate the shower area. If you enjoy a relaxing bath at the end of the day, it is a good idea to add a wall sconce to your bathroom decor. A wall sconce is a decorative and energy efficient way to turn your bathroom into a relaxing retreat. You can select a style of wall sconce that uses batteries if your bathroom doesn’t have wiring for a wall sconce.

When it comes to choosing a chrome bathroom exhaust fan light that will be the focal point of your bathroom, your options are to vast to list. Styles range from modern designed chrome fixtures to brightly colored or artfully decorated globes. If you want an ambiance of elegance in your bathroom, chandelier lighting is available that works well in a bathroom. If your space is small, you might want to explore the many styles of mini chandelier or pendant lights available. A well lit bathroom looks larger than a dimly lit room. Everyone wants their bathroom to feel spacious and gracious. Light fixtures can play a major role in achieving that goal.

When choosing bathroom ceiling lighting for your bathroom you may overlook one important fixture. A nightlight should be a part of every bathroom decor. The styles of nightlights range from the almost unnoticeable recessed LED nightlights to lights that are an eye catching part of the decor. Nightlight options include those with motion sensors or ones that come on at dusk and go off at dawn. The cost of a nightlight is minimal but the safety it provides is priceless.

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