It’s a new year and you are determined to get organized: a place for everything and everything in its place! Right? To do this well, you will definitely need lots of storage boxes. These come in so many different shapes and sizes, there should be no problem finding the storage boxes that will be perfect for the items you want organized. Before you head out to the store, think about what you want to store and where it will be stored. Items stored in an attic or basement might need different qualities that items you will store in your kitchen or bathroom.

The first job to tackle is your child’s room. Because children accumulate more and more stuff the older they get, organizing with home storage boxes is a must. A large wooden box with a lid is perfect for a toy chest. Smaller, clear plastic storage boxes are great for keeping all the small items together: legos, trading cards, doll accessories, etc. Label the boxes so the child will know what goes in each box. You can use clear plastic storage bins that fit under the bed for storing off-season clothes. Underbed storage boxes can be found at WalMart for about $14.00

The next job to tackle is the basement. Clear plastic storage bins work great. They can be stacked neatly on shelves and once the bins are labeled with their contents, you will be able to find anything you need rather quickly. This can also work in the attic. You will want to use plastic rather than paperboard boxes because moisture can get into the paperboard and the glue in the boxes deteriorates. Also, small rodents enjoy munching on paperboard and they can ruin the contents. In case of floods or other disasters, plastic will keep the contents dry. Clear plastic decorative storage boxes come in a variety of sizes, from quite small to very large. These can be found at many retail outlets: WalMart, Target, and even office supply stores. Prices vary as well.

Next is the home office. You can use plastic large storage boxes but since this is an area you spend a lot of time in, use fabric bins. Fabric boxes are functional as well but much more attractive. Use one box for writing accessories: pre-printed address labels, postage stamps, thank you cards, personal stationary, and pens. When you need to write a note, just grab that box and everything you need is right there. You can find canvas boxes in a variety of colors for about $20.00 for two large ones and about $16.00 for two smaller ones. An attractive metal storage bin can serve as your in-box. When mail comes in, everything goes in the in-box. Then as you have time, you can work on these items. Once you’ve dealt with it, move it out of the in-box. A basic metal in-box can be purchased at Office Depot for about $12.00.

Next is the bedroom closet. An organized closet can get you out of the door quickly in the morning. Store shoes in clear plastic storage bins. You can easily see what pair is in each box. Sweaters are stored in breathable plastic storage bags. The plastic will keep moths out. Canvas storage boxes with dividers are perfect for scarves, gloves, socks, and hosiery.

And the last, but not the least, job is the kitchen. Store leftovers in clear storage boxes for easy access. When making chili, for example, make enough for two meals. Store half in freezer safe plastic boxes and be sure to date the box so that you will eat it within six months. Larger cheap storage boxes can be used to keep your small food storage boxes organized. Plastic is best in the kitchen because of moisture and also to keep bugs out of flour, rice, and similar items.

Storage boxes are made from a variety of different materials which include metal storage boxes, wood storage boxes, leather storage boxes, and cardboard storage boxes. Each type has its own advantages. Think about the items to be stored and where they will be stored.

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