Hundreds of years ago, most people didn’t possess superfulous amounts of stuff. They bought what was necessary and kept what was practical. With this mentality, homes were more easily organized and stuff was contained. However, our culture today tells us we must have a lot of stuff. We have ten, twenty, thirty pairs of shoes, not to mention the oversized wardrobe. We have books falling off the shelves, toys coming out of our ears, and enough kitchenware to serve an army. We must have everything. This mentality has brought us into an age of disorganization.

Over the last couple of years, storage units have become more and more popular. People are beginning to realize that they have an inordinate amount of stuff overtaking their lives. Cardboard boxes stacked in the garage are no longer going to cut it. We have to have storage in every room of our home. In order to keep our lives organized, we now need storage in the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, the bedrooms, the toy room, the living room, the office, and the garage.

Hence the growing need for home storage bins. And no worries, the storage industry is keeping up with the demands. Have you ever opened up an add in the Sunday newspaper and literally drooled over all of the brightly colored, uniquely shaped, and beautifully designed storage bins? The storage industry knows how much you love and need more bins to keep everything straight.

Kids storage bins are a lot more than cardboard containers and plastic boxes these days. You’ve got all sorts of styles, designs, and colors to suit every room and decorating scheme. The storage industry is realizing that they’ve got to create products which are both highly functional but also attractive. Modern society demands both.

For all the stuff you need to stow away in the garage or the attic, big plastic storage bins are the best option. You can purchase these large units in many different colors to keep track of them. You might consider buying a different color for every member of the family so you can be sure whose stuff is in which bin. Large storage bins are ideal for storing out-of-season clothing, extra bedding, mounds of photo albums, sporting equipment, and stuffed toys. Heavy duty plastic means the bins don’t break easily, and snap-on lids means it’s easy to keep all of your items safe and clean.

Smaller versions of these plastic storage units are functional all around the house. The snap-on lids are convenient for protecting any items and ensuring things don’t get easily lost. Plastic bins the size of shoe boxes are great for shoes, photos, cds, and letters. Roll-away plastic bins slide easily under beds and are great for blankets, books, clothing, or toys. Other plastic bins of various sizes store craft supplies, kitchen items, music, electronics, office items, and toys in a convenient, stackable manner.

Plastic storage bins with lids are the most practical and functional type of storage unit invented. Their hearty construction makes them able to withstand any type of storage environment while their inexpensive price (usually between $3-$8) makes them more than affordable. However, plastic storage bins don’t match with every type of room or decorating style.

A sophisticated living room, for example, may not hold clear or colored plastic storage bins very well. This type of storage is likely to look out of place. In these cases, there are plenty of beautiful wicker, wood, and canvas storage bins which will serve the necessary purpose. Beautiful wicker, whether light or dark, makes for an elegant and functional storage choice. These types of bins come in a variety of square and rectangular sizes and are great for storing extra pillows, toys, books, television and video gaming accessories, movies, and music.

Soft-sided canvas storage bins are great especially for children’s rooms. Sometimes, getting lids off of plastic bins can be a difficult task for youngsters. Having canvas bins without lids which hold their toys, socks, undies, shirts, books, and stuffed animals means everything they need is easily accessible and easy to stow away.

Wicker and wood storage bins are typically quite expensive, usually ranging from $10-$20 per piece. Cloth and canvas storage bins are typically about the same cost, though they can be slightly cheaper. If you plan on purchasing any of these four types of storage bins, don’t expect to get them as cheaply as you can plastic storage bins. There is a price you pay for style. Keep in mind also that you won’t have the protection of lids or the great variety of sizes, such as roll-away storage units.

Whatever your fancy, there is a storage bin option for you. Thankfully, rubbermaid storage bins won’t break your budget as they make your life more organized. Instead, You’ll know a life more neat, more controlled, and more enjoyable because of the wonderf of metal storage bins.

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