We all have a tendency to throw things into the back of the closet from time to time. It follows with the common phrase, “Out of sight, out of mind.” However, you know there is a problem when you cannot find anything in the closet or you are bombarded by a waterfall of stuff when you open the closet door. This is a clear sign that you need to organize the closet. For many, organizing such a space can be daunting and confusing. Without pre-assigned shelves and drawers, organizing efficiently is not always clear. What are some closet organization ideas?

Boxes and Bins:

Instead of throwing random items to the back of the closet where you may never see them again, it is extremely helpful to organize items into boxes and bins. Not only do these storage containers stack well, but they also help to keep all of the items neatly grouped and safely stored. Shoe boxes or photo boxes with labels are the most inexpensive, simple option. You can store shoes, cards, letters, jewelry, photos, music, gift wrapping supplies, or holiday items. Be sure to clearly mark all of the boxes, though. If you want a storage option that is more resilient, you can purchase plastic containers in many sizes. These bins can be clear or coloured, depending on your preference. Again, be sure to label boxes clearly to ensure organization ease.

Cubby Holes:

Contrary to popular opinion, cubbies are not just for five-year-olds in kindergarten class. In face, using cubbies is one of the best closet organization methods. You can get a small shelf with many cubby holes to store your shoes, belts, purses, or socks. If you prefer to hide your items, purchase a shelf with four cubby holes, place items in over-sized fabric bins, and slide them in. If you have a large closet, you can get hanging cubby holders in which you can place folded clothing items, towels, or shoes.

Hanging Clothes:

The key to keeping clothes organized on the hangers is to hang everything up right away and place the hanger at the right place in the closet. Instead of jamming clothes and hangers into the closet like you would on a mall clearance rack, hang everything neatly. Organize clothes by type. i.e. put all of the pants together, then skirts, then dresses, then button-down shirts, then sweatshirts, etc. If you prefer, you can group items by color, but this is less convenient and logical. Be careful when hanging shirts, especially sweaters, that the edges of the hangers don’t stretch out the shoulders. If this happens, fold the item and hang it over the middle of the hanger. Better yet, install shelves in the closet and stack the sweaters.

Door Organizers:

When organizing the closet, you should use every square inch to your advantage. Even the closet door becomes an essential part of organization. People who have closets with limited space with benefit especially from using a door organizer. You can simply buy a clear, plastic organizer that attaches over the closet door. In each section, you can store shoes, scarves, socks, purses, jewelry, or hair things. This keeps everything neat and easily seen when needed.

The main idea of organizing a closet is to get rid of as much chaos as possible. When you allow items to sit uncontrolled on the floor, on the shelves, or over the hanger bar, the space will eventually become cluttered. Just as you organize the rest of the home, be sure that everything has its place. Fold, hang, and stack. Put shelves in, if necessary. Get boxes and bins to store items. Throw shoes in a fabric bin or hang them on the back of the door. Hang pants, dresses, and shirts up. Fold and stack sweaters. Don’t leave anything on the floor.

When organizing the closet, consider the many closet organization systems to determine if any will be helpful for you. Measure cubbies and shelves, door-units and hanging units until you find systems that work. Group items together logically, make sure important items can be clearly seen and located, and label everything for ease and convenience later on. This will ensure a well-organized closet!

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