Cupcake boxes are the latest focus of the designer cupcake trend. Numerous people now consider them to be the latest must-have in baking accessories. Although designer cupcakes have been a popular trend for several years, no one has given much thought about how they were packaged. So naturally, the next step in the designer cupcake trend is to make the packaging as attractive as the baked treats they hold.

Whether you’re a professional baker or just an amateur, cupcake boxes help to add appeal to your baked treats. Cupcake boxes now come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. These pastry boxes can be designed and decorated to match any occasion, such as weddings, holidays, birthdays, and school or sporting events. You can create your own personalized design and unique decorations for the boxes or buy them pre-designed.

Cupcake box benefits

The most obvious benefit of using a cupcake box is how easy it makes transporting cupcakes. If properly used, they are perfect for transporting baked treats to various events, such as parties, luncheons, fairs, and bake-off competitions. These pastry boxes can be made from cardboard and inserts, clear plastic, or a combination of cardboard and clear plastic. They can be used for a single cupcake or several cupcakes, depending on what size is chosen. The boxes may be purchased individually or in bulk anywhere bakery supplies are sold.

Another benefit of using decorated cupcake boxes is that it enhances the visual effects of even a plain, ordinary cupcake. These types of pastry boxes can make well-decorated treats seem extremely unique. Cupcake boxes are perfect for displaying your baking and cake decorating skills. They also give the recipient an excellent way to display or store your generous gift.

Yet another benefit of these boxes is that they make perfect souvenirs for various types of occasions. They can be used to gift someone with a special treat, and may add just the right amount of personal touch to that gift. They can be used to send home a piece of a wedding cake. The cupcake boxes are very commonly used as a take-home party favor, especially for birthdays.

Moreover, cupcake boxes are very versatile. They can be used to hold other items besides cupcakes. For instance, the boxes can be filled with candy, jewelry, cookies, or small toys. However, one of the best benefits of these boxes is that they are also easily disposable, and save on cleaning up messes.


Whether you choose single or multiple holders, it’s very important to choose the right size. The inserts have to be tall enough and wide enough to keep the cake from sliding around or toppling over. The cupcakes can’t be touching each other or the walls of the box, or they could be damaged.
Box inserts come in three common sizes. These sizes are:

  • Standard-7/8 inches deep and 2.5 inches in diameter
  • Mini- ¾ inches deep and 1.25 inches in diameter, used for mini cupcake boxes
  • Jumbo- 5/8 inches deep and 3 1/16 inches diameter, used for muffins

Larger cupcake boxes are usually laid out with the slots for the inserts sufficiently separated. They’re normally laid out as:

  • 1 by 2: double cupcake box that holds 2 cakes
  • 2 by 2: holds 4 cupcakes
  • 2 by 3: holds 6 cupcakes
  • 3 by 3: holds 9 cupcakes
  • 3 by 4 holds 12 cupcakes
  • 4 by 6: holds 24 cupcake

Creating your own cupcake boxes is fairly easy to do. Simply choose whether you want a cardboard box or a plastic one. Decide how many items you want to add per box. Then measure the depth, width, and height of the items and the box to ensure you have the right size inserts and box.
Next, determine what design or theme you want to create. Gather all your decorating materials together. You may need a glue gun to apply some of the embellishments. If you don’t have anything to embellish the box with at hand, you can buy some materials from any hobby or arts and crafts store. Finally, just let your creativity out of its hiding place, assemble the box, and decorate it!


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