Solid Pine Bedroom FurnitureSolid pine furnishings for the bedroom are an excellent choice, particularly for children’s and teen’s rooms, as pine is versatile and easily refinished to suit your growing child’s changes in taste and increased desire for functionality. As children are also often rougher on the wear of their belongings than adults, it is generally better to opt for pine furnishings in the child’s room. Solid pine bedroom furniture can be more affordably fixed, replaced, and refinished.

Pine’s affordability is due in large part to its availability throughout the world. This wood provides a clean, light, and airy feeling to any room and can be finished with a natural appearance, stained just about any color or shade, or even painted without losing its beauty. Due to this versatility and availability, a child’s bedroom can be furnished without as much concern for destruction of the furnishings or ability to change from one color or finish to another as the child’s own decorative taste matures. All of that versatility, yet the pricing of solid pine furnishings for the bedroom is quite affordable.

Choosing Pine Furnishings for a Child’s Bedroom

Before buying solid pine bedroom furniture for your child, consider the size of the room as well as functionality. Ask yourself how your child spends their time in the bedroom. This question will help answer what type of pieces you should buy.

For example, if your child is an infant, most of the furnishings will either need to suit the care of the baby and the caretakers or parents. In a baby’s room, the pine furnishings may consist of a changing table, crib, rocking chair, tall dresser and other furnishings which will transition well into the toddler phase of the baby’s growth. For babies’ or toddler’s rooms, small hardware pieces, screws, sharp corners and items of furniture which can be tipped over or in which body parts can become trapped should not be placed into the bedroom. When buying solid pine bedroom furniture for very young children in particular, ensure crib slats or other parts such as railings do not allow space for the child’s head to become entrapped.

Solid Pine Furnishings Grow with Your Child

For children transitioning into their first regular bed, a smaller toddler bed or twin set low to the floor may be the best bet. Young children tend to roll out of bed while sleeping or get up in the middle of the night to find their parents after a nightmare. Because of this, it is safest for a toddler’s first bed to be one that will not injure the child if they do fall from its highest level.

Pine bedroom furniture for children aged four years or older is perhaps the most popular construction for such bedrooms. We have all seen the common pine bedroom furniture such as bunk beds and desks which have been a mainstay in the youth bedroom furnishing industry for decades. Furnishings such as bunk beds are excellent for growth and transition of children. These pieces of pine bedroom furniture allow for changes in configuration, such as from two twin beds for a very young child’s room to reuse as a bunk bed setup for the child who is developmentally ready for the added height and dimension of a higher bunk. Teens will often transition their own room back from bunk to one or two twin beds as they age toward college and begin to fancy a more independent room styling.

For teens or those going off to college, pine bedroom furniture is still an excellent choice. Pine furnishings are lighter in weight than other types of wood pieces, so the actual move to the dorm room or first apartment is not such a physical struggle with pine. The college bound student will likely want to use their own taste to decorate their first independent space, so the versatility of pine again comes into play as they can get creative with the refinishing or painting of their old or new pieces without concern for permanent damage to the overall quality of their pine bedroom furniture.

Buying bedroom furnishings can be a daunting task, if there is fear that one is entering into a permanent relationship with the purchased pieces. Permanence and lack of versatility are often the truths of hardwoods. However, solid pine bedroom furnishings offer incredible versatility. A parent can literally buy furnishings for a baby’s room which will be usable, easily refinished, and continually versatile from the child’s infancy through their first apartment as a young adult. Children can be quite rough on home furnishings and somewhat picky as to their bedroom décor as they develop their own sense of self-awareness and independence. By furnishing a child’s room with solid pine bedroom furniture, the child is being provided with a warm, inexpensive, welcoming environment which will develop and grow with them.

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