You can bring the warmth and beauty of wood into your home with the inclusion of rustic furniture. Rustic pine bedroom furniture can be found in numerous styles and in various price ranges. You can decorate a guest room, master bedroom, or a child’s room with rustic bedroom furniture.

You have various choices of wood when selecting rustic furniture. Cedar, hickory, and pine are popular options. In addition to wood selection, you will also need to decide just how rustic you want your furniture to be. Some styles of rustic furniture are handmade and left in a truly rustic state. Other designs have a more finished look to them yet maintain a rustic appearance. Certain styles of Mexican rustic bedroom furniture are created with pictures on them. You might want to select these if you are striving to achieve a certain rustic or woodland theme in your bedroom. Bears, moose, cedar tree, or pine tree motifs are common designs. These designs are usually on each piece of furniture in the set.

As with any type of bedroom furniture, rustic log bedroom furniture sets can include a bed frame that is single, double, queen, or king size. They have various pieces to accompany the bed such as night tables and dressers with rustic mirrors. Some bedroom sets have additional options such as an armoire or blanket chest that look great at the foot of a log bed. Some styles of log beds also have the option of a canopy. Headboard designs may be simple log posts or they may be more decorative such as a twig headboard or a headboard with a woodland design on it.

Rustic designed bunk beds can be a fun, functional, and attractive choice for a child’s bedroom. Placing a few pieces of log furniture in a child’s room opens up a wide assortment of decorating ideas. A rustic blanket chest could become a toy chest. Numerous accessories can be found that look great in a child’s rustic designed bedroom. There are also styles of bunk beds that have the very helpful feature of two storage drawers under the bed.

Some companies make rustic style furniture from recycled barn wood. Selecting this type of product is an environmentally friendly way to bring a rustic atmosphere to your bedroom. Rustic can certainly be a romantic choice for a master bedroom. If your space is limited, you might want to select individual pieces of furniture rather than trying to find an entire set that will fit your space. You can find small rustic style night stands. And, if necessary, you can purchase just a rustic headboard for your bed and not include the foot board.

Quality and craftsmanship are important when selecting any type of furniture. There is a large variance in the price of rustic furniture. You can find a very well made log bed online for around $200. There is also a five piece rustic wood bedroom furniture set for around $1,300. However, there are also rustic sets that exceed $3,000. The wide diversity in prices allows you to select a price level that you are comfortable with.

Some furniture that is marketed as rustic has a more finished appearance than the hand made cedar or pine log style. While the really rustic log designs look great in certain homes or vacation cabins, they may be a little too authentic for an urban home. Bedroom sets made of rustic maple or rustic alder and finished with a clear lacquer stain allow you to add a hint of rustic decor to a more modern style home. You can use bedding sets and woodland themed accessories to carry your rustic decor as far as you like.

Rustic bedroom furniture sets can be a beautiful, durable addition to any bedroom. Before buying this type of furniture, be sure to measure the space in your bedroom to make certain the set you want will fit there. If necessary, buy individual pieces rather than a complete set. Having a handmade log bedroom set custom designed is an option if your space or decorating style is unique. This is a long term purchase for your home so you should definitely compare both price and quality before making a final decision.

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