A garbage disposal is a tool adding to a sinks draining system that aids in chopping up foods that have fallen down the drain. Several people find them extremely useful when washing dishes because they can let old food that is stuck on plates go down the drain and not have to worry about straining. A garbage disposal contains a sharp blade operated by an engine that spins at a high speed to continually chop off whatever goes down. It is very important to not let silverware or bones from meet go down the disposal as these items cannot be chopped and may result in blockage or breaking of the machine.

People continually debate over whether or not it is safe to put eggshells down a garbage disposal. Egg shells have become a debatable item because they contain a very hard outer layer and a soft tissue layer that acts as a rubberized connection inside the egg. Several people believe that it is not good to put egg shells down a garbage disposal because they may leave pieces in the disposal that can lead to build up and potential infestation of bugs or bacteria. Egg shells have actually been proven to do just the opposite. Egg shells are considered both thin enough and thick enough for garbage disposals. Egg shells a thin enough to break down easily in a garbage disposal. Due to their thickness, they can actually aid in cleaning out a disposal with their edges. The egg shells move around the blades and remove bacteria and food build up that may be hiding in crevasses throughout the disposal. The extreme brittleness of the egg shells makes it a very easy product to break down and flush out of the system.

Due to the texture of egg shells they can actually aid as a sharpening tool for the blades. This is a great help because it eliminates the need for taking apart the machine to sharpen the blades. It is important, however, to run a lot of water during and after running egg shells through the garbage disposal. This will aid in continuing the egg shells around and through the disposal and out of the drainage system completely.

The Horse Power of the system can be a good indication of how many egg shells you can put down the drain. Typically, the higher the horse power the more it can handle at one time. The Horse Power represents the speed of the machine. The higher the horse power, the more reps per minute that blade spins. With this being said, the more spins that occur, the quicker the engine grinds passing objects.

Although it is good for the disposal system itself to put eggshells down the drain, there may be problems with clogging in the future if you do not use city water and drainage. There have been reports of problems from individuals who use a well system for water. With any system, if you let the water run for a minute or two before and after in addition to running the water during the grinding period, there should not be a problem. Never run a garbage disposal without water. The water is an important factor in draining out the system. It is also very important to not put a lot of egg shells down at one time. As with any type of food you may put down the disposal, there is always a slight chance of a clog, so taking preventative measures is key to eliminating a potential problem.

Overall, egg shells can be a great cleaning and sharpening tool for your garbage disposal when paired with an adequate amount of water.


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