If you’re looking to redecorate or upgrade your child’s bedroom, a cabin bed can be an excellent option. If you’re like most parents, you know how quickly storage space can disappear. This is one reason cabin beds are such a good option. Not only do they save a ton of space, but your child will most likely love it. If you’re buying for a younger child, you will have several options. You can go with a themed childrens cabin beds, a traditional pine cabin bed, or the extremely popular Malibu Cabin Bed. Themed cabin bedding can be based on anything from pirates and racecars to princesses and doll houses. The biggest advantage to a themed cabin bunk bed is that all parties will be very happy with it.

Let’s cover the most popular form of storage cabin bed first, which is the Malibu Cabin Bed. This is a pine cabin bed that usually sells for around $200. You have probably seen these beds somewhere along the line, whether you realized it or not. They’re only a few feet off the ground, so they don’t require a ladder like many other log cabin beds do. Another benefit is that you won’t have to worry about your child’s safety as much because of its low height. The higher twin cabin beds usually have a guard to protect the child from falling off, but that doesn’t make it 100% safe. With the Malibu Cabin Bed, they can only fall a few feet, so there’s no need for a guard. Just keep in mind that these beds aren’t recommended for children under three years old. The Malibu Cabin Bed has four drawers and an open middle section, allowing for a lot of storage space. The best part about the Malibu Cabin Bed is that you will be saving a few hundred dollars when compared to traditional cabin loft beds. The only real negative is that you must assemble it at home, but this has to do more with the individual.

If you want to take the themed cabin bed route, be prepared to spend more money. These cabin beds average from $500 to $1000, depending on how much pizzazz you want. They can also be custom-made, so the sky is the limit. The ready-made themed cabin beds are very popular. In most cases, they have several draws, a ladder, a safety guard, and in some cases, even a slide. Themed beds are best suited for children with active imaginations.

If you’re shopping for a child that’s a little older, as in the 8-12 year range, your best bet would be to go with a cabin bed with a desk structure. These bed sets are the same height as themed ones, but have more of a traditional look. There will also be a pull-out desk option in the storage area. This can quickly create a space for homework, computer and video game use, or a television. If you go with this option, consider a pine cabin bed. They’re much more durable than plastic, can handle more weight, and add to the appeal of any room. Of course, make sure it matches the décor already in the room, or plan to redesign the room. Most of these pine cabin beds come with swivel chairs, so you won’t have to worry about making an extra purchase. The total cost will often be around $600.

If you’re an adult and would like to purchase a bed, they’re available. The number one reason to consider this option is that they save more space than a platform bed. That said, whether a bed is right for you will have a lot to do with your personality and style. Adult beds are lower to the ground and a little cheaper than children’s cabin beds. They can often be found in the $200 to $500 range.

Overall, the greatest benefits of owning a cabin bed are that they’re multi-functional, save a lot of space, can store many items, and can add adventure or class to any room, depending on which type of cabin be you choose.

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