Bees are one of the many beautiful creations of nature but many a times, they can prove to be a great nuisance by causing hindrance in some of the most delightful moments of life. For example, consider a family get-together at home. Sitting with family out in the open followed by a delicious dinner in the lawn is a cherished by all. However, with a swarm of bees around, the fear of getting stung would keep everyone on their toes. Thus for your own safety, it is very important to repel them (killing them would not be correct and is definitely not the solution).

A house and its surroundings can easily be secured from bees if sufficient measures are taken towards repelling them. The steps include taking care of everything that attracts them. Read the subsequent sections for a more detailed overview.

Clean the Surroundings

Carpenter bees are known to be present in places like junkyards where a lot of unattended items are present. Take time to clean your garden and remove anything that fits into the category of junk or wastes (broken vehicle parts, unused wood, pulp etc.). Unattended gardens are the nesting grounds for most species of bees and leniency on this front should be avoided. By giving due attention to the garden, not only would an individual get rid of the menace but also find himself to be the owner of a beautiful garden.

Paint the Exterior with Bee Repellents

Bee repellents consist of a mixture of orange oil and water in a ratio of 2:1. One may either buy bee repellents from stores of make it at home. Whichever the case, apply it on the wooden exteriors, banisters and the front porch with a paint brush to keep the bees at bay. This mixture is hundred percent natural and is completely safe to use. The myth that these actually kill the bees is false and baseless. Unlike what many believe, it is completely harmless for both the humans as well as the bees.

Insect Repellent

Application of insect repellents on the exposed body parts can go a long way in securing a person from getting stung by bees. Make sure that the repellent is unscented (bees are attracted towards perfumes and deodorants) and are oil based. There are number of such products available in the market prominent amongst which is Avon. However, this is not a full proof method but it does help repelling bees to some extent. For best results, it should be complimented with other bee repelling methods.


Despite undertaking the above mentioned processes, if the bee problem still persists, it would be best to burn down their nest. If their nest is destroyed, bees avoid making a nest in the same location again. Burning down can be achieved by keeping lighted newspaper right below their nest. However, this bee repelling method comes with some precautions:

1. Attempt this method only at night when the bees are sleeping. It is their nature to be on guard during day light and the probability of getting stung is relatively very high

2. Keep children safety secure in their rooms while attempting this

3. Take enough precautions that the fire does not spread into the house and burn one or more items inside

People who do not belong to the DIY category can always call up pest removal services. They would be more than happy to help get rid of bees for a nominal fee. You may also learn a couple of tricks or two while they are present to be in a better position to handle the spread in the future.

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