Everyone wants a really great looking tan.  Especially in the warm summer months when everyone seems to have that nice golden glow. Since most of us dont have time to spend hours laying out in the sun anymore, the use of tanning beds has become very popular.

There are many different types of tanning bed bulbs available for tanning beds, and some bulbs are made for the beginner tanner. Most of the time when you first start tanning, and you go to a salon and you will use the beds with the bulbs that have the average tanning lamps in them.

There are other tanning bed replacement bulbs that are made for the very serious tanner or someone who already has a good tan. These have more ultraviolet rays than the normal bulb. The RUVA bulb is the most widely used in busy salons. It has a higher output of tanning rays, which makes it much stronger than the average tanning bulb. You will get a much darker tan in a shorter amount of time with the use of these. But you will also pay more for the use of these beds.

Most salons use a variety of tanning bulbs in their beds. They will have at least 2 beds with the average bulbs for beginner tanners. These beds are used to build a base tan without burning. They will also have at least a couple of beds with the high pressure bulbs which are used by the more advanced tanners.

Of course the most well known tanning bed bulbs are the Wolff Bellarium S. These have been the standard bulbs for many years. Recently they have come out with some bulbs for tanning bed with higher UVA and UVB wavelengths.

The UVB wavelength causes the melanin in your skin to tan, and can also cause you to burn if over-exposed. The UVA is needed to help with the tanning process. They have a rating so a higher the rating on the lamp the more powerful the tanning will be.

Another well known tanning bulb is the SunQuest. This tanning bulb and their beds were designed to keep the skin cooler and not to burn the skin. But as with the sun, over-exposure can cause sun burn.

Home tanning bulbs lose a large amount of UV rays after about 1000 hours of usage, and the tanning process will be greatly diminished. At this point it is good to change the bulbs.

There are many different brands of tanning bulbs, you need to choose the lamp that best suits your tanning needs. As mentioned before there is the Wolff lamps, also are Sundash, Sunmaster, Puretan,Cosmedico, Lightsource and many others. The main thing is to consider what your tanning needs are and buy lamps that will fit your needs as well as your budget. As the purchase of tanning bulbs can get a bit pricey depending on how many lamps your tanning bed has. Some beds only have 16 while there are other beds that have 50 or more bulbs. There are also beds with facial tanners. These also have to be replaced when the other bulbs are replaced.

If you are looking to buy your discount tanning bed bulbs at a great price the website www.tanninglamps4less.com is a great place to purchase your lamps as they are very helpful and always deliver on time. You will need to know a few things before you purchase your lamps, not only the strength, but also the length and the type of ends that are used. You can take out a bulb and they each have a code which will tell you how long they are and the type of end that is used. The most common used is F71 but they also come in other sizes, so its best to look at the code on the bulb currently in the tanning bed now.

There are so many bulbs to choose from, there is the standard tanning lamp with lower UVB, there are lamps with 20% more UVB rays over the leg or arm area if these areas are harder for you to tan. And of course, there are the lamps with the higher UVB for the facial area.

Depending on what you need, there are bulbs to suit you and will give you an excellent tan in a short amount of time.


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