Security camera systems are not just for big businesses and the well-to-do anymore. With advances in technology bringing down the cost of security monitoring equipment, it is now possible for families to add the peace of mind that security cameras provide to their homes. There are a number of options available to families looking to add a wireless security camera system to their home. Previously, all home security systems were wired, meaning that cameras were attached to wires that ran through the walls to a nerve center that ran the system as a whole. These security video camera systems are still available, and the number of cameras that can be hooked into a single system is increasing.

Outdoor security camera systems are available for two camera systems up to 16 camera systems. More recently, wireless security camera systems have become affordable for home use. These camera use antennas to transmit their images to a receiver that is connected to the nerve center of the home security surveillance system.

There are benefits and drawbacks to both of these types of cameras. Wired cameras cost less than wireless ones, but there may be hidden costs to the wired cameras – if your house is already built, for example, you may have to have expensive wiring work done inside the walls of your home to have the hidden security camera system installed. Wireless cameras are more expensive initially, but without the need to go into the walls to connect them to the internet security camera system, may be a more affordable option overall. Wireless cameras may be the way to go if you foresee a need to move the cameras regularly.

When having a complete security camera system installed in your home, it is important to first plan out what it is you want to monitor before deciding to buy the cameras and have them all installed. If you have a long driveway, for example, you probably don’t need to have the entire driveway monitored. If the end of your driveway leading to the garage is monitored, that will give you the security you need – any other camera installed to monitor the driveway would just be wasted.

You will want to focus the cameras on those points in your house in which undetected entry is easiest. Typically, this will include doors and large windows along the back of your house, where visibility from the street is limited or nonexistent. If you are installing an outdoor system, you will want the camera to be set up to see automobile license plates in locations like driveways where a thief might park their vehicle. For an indoor motion security camera system, you will want to make sure the visibility is good in locations where your most expensive articles are – your living room or media center, for instance, or a home office if you have a considerable amount of computer equipment there.

Prices for the materials for home security camera systems range from $200 to $2700, based on the number of cameras the system has, the quality of the image they provide, and what type of video recording capability they have. If the system is wireless, the price can range from $750 to $3000 – again, based on the number of cameras you are adding to the system, image quality, and recording ability. These prices do not include installation or any monthly service charges to have the dome security camera system connected to a security company.

These charges will vary based on the company and the level of service contract. Consulting with a reputable home security company will help you determine what your family’s needs are, but be cautious. These companies are, after all, in the business of selling systems, and the less reputable ones may attempt to sell you a system that is more than what you really need. Determine what around your house requires monitoring, and work towards developing a system that meets those needs. Doing so will ensure that you and your family have the peace of mind you need for a price that is reasonable.

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