Security alarm systems come in various packages and offer different benefits. Some security alarms may be designed specifically for residential or specifically business addresses. The location of the security alarm system will best determine what type of services should be used.

Home security alarm systems are usually electronically monitored by a third party. Upon activation of a security burglar alarm the monitoring company can call inside the residence to verify the status of the occupants, report the incident to the police so that they may respond, or dispatch a private security guard to the residence to check out the alarm. Residential security alarms are usually noisy and they are meant to draw a lot of attention to the residence. Assuming that an intruder is actually in your home when the home security alarm system goes off, the loud alarm may be just enough to scare away the intruder so that you and your family remain safe.

Business wireless security alarm systems, on the other hand, are not usually as noisy as residential security alarms. It is possible that they can be, but the purpose of a business security alarm is entirely different from that of a residence. Residential business alarms scare intruders away because the home is where the family sleeps at night. A business, on the other hand, is usually empty at night, so the safest place for a crook to be at night is an empty business. Business security alarms are usually silent so that the intruders on the inside can’t be sure of whether or not the police have been called.

When a silent alarm is tripped inside of a private building many third party electronic security monitoring companies will be able to get a view of what’s going on inside a client property through the use of specially placed security cameras.

Many security alarm companies charge their services as a monthly subscription. That payment usually covers the cost of monitoring your alarm and dispatching necessary patrols. Depending on the company and type of service you want, some companies may charge for different services. For example, one company may include the cost of calling the police during an emergency but others may charge an additional fee. Some alarm companies may also charge a fee for having to respond or dispatch patrols to false alarm activations. A company that continuously has to respond to false alarm activations will eventually lose money and clients. Money will be lost by having to pay dispatchers and security patrols to investigate the matter. Customers will be lost because nobody will want to buy such a sensitive security alarm.

This is also a reason why alarm responsibility is so important. Security alarm subscribers should follow the directions given to them by the company which manufactured or installed the security alarm. Subscribers must ensure to safeguard their pass codes and pin numbers. A security alarm is useless if everybody on your block can disarm it. Subscribers must also explain to other residents (especially children) that the security alarm and security system are not toys. Just like a child should never play with a phone for fear that they might call 911, so should a child never play with a security alarm system.

In the event that a false alarm does result in an alarm company dispatcher making contact with you over the phone to make sure you’re o.k. or in police / security officers responding to your home to verify their status, make sure to keep these points in mind when dealing with them:

When cops / security officers flip their perception to battle mode and are thinking like they are responding to an actual emergency instead of your false alarm, adrenaline will most likely be very high. It is important to make sure that you do nothing to scare, worry, harm, or trick the responding officers. Make sure you carry nothing in your hands, not even your wallet or ID card. Wait until they have you where they want you before offering forms of identification. Do not try to argue with the responding officers for bothering you. Remember, it is you who pay for their services, and the service they are offering is safety and protection. Let them do their job and they will be out of your hair all the quicker.

Don’t make false statements. In the event of a false alarm, don’t make up the description of some shadow figure to keep yourself from being embarrassed. It is much better for the security alarm service or police to verify that you are o.k. than to chase a wild goose through the city.

Lastly, never try to repair or take apart the home security burglar alarm wall unit. These units are expensive and the chance for you to initiate a false alarm response from the security company / police is increased. Only allow people trained in the mechanics of the machine to make repairs to it and take it apart. If you damage the unit while trying to repair it yourself, the security company may not likely pay the cost of a replacement unit.

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