A six pack is considered by many to be the ultimate badge of fitness. But getting a six pack fast takes real discipline and effort. It is not something we can accomplish without dedicating serious time to working out as well as sticking to a strict diet. Howver, if you are up to the challenge, you can accomplish it.

Believe it or not, we all have a six pack. It is just hiding out under our stomach fat. The majority of people have a genetic disposition to store fat around the waist meaning even if you are in decent shape, you probably have some fat in your stomach area, and just little is enough to hide your six pack. So how to get a six pack fast can be answered as follows: growing your abdomen muscles and lowering the fat is the two-pronged attack to get a six pack fast.

Fitness Plan

It is a myth that doing 1000 crunches a day will give you a six pack. The abdomen is a complicated intertwined group of muscles, not just one. That means we cannot gain a six pack with a single exercise. You may have noticed those who have a six pack usually have strong muscles everywhere else too. That is because the more muscle we have, the more calories we burn around the clock.

Your basic fitness plan to get a six pack fast is to build lean muscle mass and keep your body busy burning fat and repairing muscle. This can be accomplished by a full body workout three times a week. Also known as circuit training, this type of working involves moving around the gym, doing an exercise for each muscle group.
You should start with a basic move that works the biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs and back. Do 8 to 10 reps and then move on to the next muscle group. Complete the entire circuit two or three times.

The second part of our fitness plan is an ab-centric workout. We should try to do these at least three times a week as well. To work out the different muscles in our abdomen we should include crunches, bicycles, static bridge moves and leg lifts. Additionally, less common ab workouts involving weights can be employed, for instance weighted crunches, ‘lumberjack’ chopping moves with a light weight, or a pulley crunch (using the pulley bar on your knees, with the rope behind your head and arching forward toward your waist).

Keep in mind that a lot of these six pack building workouts are hard on the lower back. You should stretch thoroughly before any kind of workout, but especially when you work out your abdomen muscles. The lower back actually supports the abdomen muscles, if you want a six pack fast you need to work out your lower back as well.


To bring your six pack out into the open you need to drop your overall body fat. To do this you will need to stick to a high protein diet that supplements your workout regimen. Lowering your fat intake to a bare minimum of healthy fats and oils will help your overall body weight drop. You can do this by replacing your fatty protein sources like eggs and red meat with lower fat lean meats like turkey and whey protein.

Recent research shows numerous benefits of a high calcium intake as well. Calcium seems to have an effect on how our body stores fat. A low fat yogurt is a great way to get your protein and calcium and tastes great mixed with fruits and protein powders. A whey protein powder that contains glutamine and taurine are also very important in boosting our muscle recovery and bone strength.

In our quest to get a six pack fast, we can’t forget about our health. Make sure you take a multi-vitamin that contains the basic vitamins as well as chromium which will keep your muscles and bones strong and resilient against the physical strain of exercise.

Although it takes real effort and dedication, anyone can have a fix pack in a few weeks time if they adhere to a strict diet and religiously follow their fitness plan. The amount of time it takes depends on where we are fitness-wise, but anyone can do it. Remember, your six pack is already there, just waiting to make it’s debut.


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