One clove of garlic is equal to one-eighth teaspoon of garlic powder. Garlic powder is found in the spice section of the grocery store and is convenient to have on hand in the kitchen.

Garlic Powder vs. Fresh Garlic

The main benefit of garlic powder is that unlike fresh garlic, it stays fresh for years when stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Garlic powder provides the flavor of garlic, but may not completely match the texture. The fine powder dissolves into liquids, making it a good choice for marinades or soups. Even when the texture will not be a complete match, garlic powder can be substituted for fresh garlic in most recipes. Some chefs find that the taste of garlic powder is slightly less pungent and sweeter than fresh garlic. Other people prefer garlic powder because is disperses the flavor more evenly than fresh minced garlic.

What is Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder is made from dehydrated garlic cloves that are diced and ground into a fine powder. The highest quality garlic powders are made from pure garlic. Some brands of garlic powder will add artificial colors to improve the look of the product. Others may add mono-sodium glutamate (MSG) to improve the flavor. Calcium silicate is another additive that may be added to keep the powder from clumping. The label on the garlic powder should provide this information and it is important to check, especially if someone in the household is sensitive to MSG.

Some garlic powders are blends of several spices such as grill seasonings or Italian spice blends. One common example is garlic salt which blends garlic powder with table salt. Garlic salt can also be used as a substitute for fresh garlic, but the amount of salt in the recipe must be adjusted accordingly.

Other Substitutes for Fresh Garlic

There are many options available in grocery stores and specialty cooking stores that can be used in place of fresh garlic. One clove of fresh garlic is equal to one teaspoon of chopped garlic, or one-half teaspoon of minced garlic. These are often available in jars in the condiment section of grocery stores. One-half teaspoon garlic flakes, one-fourth teaspoon granulated garlic, or one-half teaspoon garlic juice are also acceptable substitutes for one clove of fresh garlic.

Health Benefits

Garlic has many health benefits including lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer-causing free radicals, and helping to strengthen the body’s immune system. Pure garlic powder provides many of the same benefits of fresh garlic and is a useful pantry staple.

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