There are a few important details to know how to cook a steak on the grill to result in a mouthwatering meal. The favorite steaks to grill are the filet mignon which is also called a tenderloin steak, T-bone steak, porterhouse steak which is a T-bone steak without the bone and more expensive, flank steak, and sirloin steak. The best steak for grilling is the rib eye due to the marbled fat in the meat which adds to its flavor. It is recommended to purchase freshly cut steaks and grill the same day or the next.


For added flavor and tenderness, a steak should be tenderized before grilling to break up the muscle fibers. Tenderizing can be accomplished by using a tenderizing mallet, the bottom of a heavy pan, scoring the meat across the fibers with a sharp knife, or using powdered tenderizers.


Marinating steaks also breaks down the muscle fibers for a more tender meal. Steaks can be marinated from one to twenty four hours before grilling. Steaks can marinate in a a covered pan or a zippered plastic baggie in the refrigerator or injected with the marinade. Favorite marinades include Italian salad dressing, orcestershire sauce, and steak sauce.

Grilling Times

Steaks can be prepared rare, medium rare, medium, medium well done, and well done.

Rare is very soft and slightly bloody and grilled six to nine minutes on each side in an open grill or four to five minutes on a closed grill.

Medium rare is cooked but pink and grilled slightly longer than rare steaks.

Medium is cooked and not pink and is grilled seven to ten minutes on each side in an open grill and five to seven minutes on a closed grill.

Medium well done and well done are very firm. These steaks are grilled ten minutes or more on each side in an open grill and seven minutes or more in a closed grill.

Do’s and Don’t’s

Do not remove the fat from the steak until after grilling. This fat preserves the juices while grilling.

Do not salt a steak prior to grilling. Salt takes out the juices before and during cooking.

Do not position the meat too close to the heat source of the grill. Keep the steak two to three inches above the heat to ensure tenderness.

Do use tongs to turn a steak over instead of a fork. Using a fork punctures the meat and releases the juices. If tongs are not available, a fork can be inserted into a strip of fat and the steak can be flipped with the help of a spatula.

Do not flip a steak over more than once as this will affect the tenderness of the steak.

Do slit the meat near the bone or in the middle of the steak to determine whether the steak has been grilled to the desired level. Once the steak has been grilled according to taste, the meat needs to be transferred to a plate and left to rest or sit for ten minutes before eating. This allows the juices to be absorbed back into the meat as it cools.

Onion-Stuffed Porterhouse Steak Recipe

Steaks can also be stuffed and grilled for a delicious alternative.

Slit the fat of the steak every one inch.

Slice pockets in each side of the steaks.

Sautee ½ cup of sliced green onion and one minced garlic clove in one tablespoon of butter. Add dashes of celery salt and pepper.

Stuff the pockets with this mixture, and use a skewer to close.

Brush soy sauce on the steaks and grill according to taste, brushing with the sauce often.

By minding these essential tips, scrumptious cookouts will result to the delight of everyone’s taste buds.


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