A smoked ham is a delicious treat that many people enjoy to have for dinner on special occasions. Perhaps the best way to cook a smoked ham or to warm one up is by using a smoker, as the name suggests. A smoker, unlike the standard kind of barbecue grill most people have, cooks using heat indirectly. The instructions as provided below are specifically for a smoker that come with a firebox on the side, but they may still be applicable to any other kind of smoker.

A smoked ham that is already fully cooked can be warmed up using a smoker, or one could instead completely cook and smoke a brand new raw ham. Ham that is sold along with a glaze packet can easily be cooked, putting the glaze on top of the ham fifteen minutes before the ham has finished cooking. Alternatively, folks may want to try their own rub recipe, which would include a flexible blend of different spices and seasoning applied directly to the shell of the ham the day before smoking and cooking it.

  1. Take a pan and place it beneath the grill in case any of the juice from the ham falls out while it is on the grill. Take some water and put it into the pan; the precise amount is not too important, but it is important to have it there so the ham can remain moist as it cooks on the grill.
  2. Use charcoal to start a fire within the firebox. To do this, take some charcoal and place it into the firebox, coating it liberally with lighter fluid. Use either a match or a lighter specifically designed for lighting barbecues and start the fire. Make sure the firebox and the grill both have their lids on, tightly shut as the smoker raises in temperature.
  3. Once the temperature of the smoker reaches about 225 degrees Fahrenheit, it is time to put the ham and put it onto the grill. If the grill is too hot, wait for it to cool to the correct temperature. One sign to notice when the smoker is ready is that the coals are a hot shade of white. Once the ham is on the grill, shut the lid.
  4. Spray apple juice onto the ham throughout the process.
  5. After every hour, put more charcoal into the firebox. This is to make sure the fire does not die. A fresh handful per hour should work just fine.
  6. Soak some wood chips into water for about half an hour and throw them into the barbecue for an extra smoky flavor. Every hour can introduce more wood chips. This is not a mandatory ingredient, but it does ultimately increase the flavor of the smoked ham, and the flavor will be influenced by the kind of wood that is used. However, make sure the wood chips are safe to cook.
  7. The ultimate goal is to have a smoked ham that is internally about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The time of cooking generally depends on whether it is being cooked or warmed, as well as how large the ham is. For example, if the ham was raw and is to be cooked, it will take about an hour for every pound in weight it is. This means a ten pound ham would take ten hours, just as a two pound ham would only take two hours before it was ready to be eaten.
  8. Take out the ham and serve immediately for optimal flavor and experience. Some people may prefer waiting a little for cooling.


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