Many people don’t think about having sweet potatoes except for during the holidays. Having a baked sweet potato is just as delicious as having a regular baked potato. It can be such a special treat for lunch or even as a vegetable at dinner. A sweet potato only holds about 172 calories and no fat so it is a nice alternative to have. Here are a few tips on how to microwave a sweet potato.

When you go to the produce section of your local market, make sure you hand pick your sweet potatoes. There is no need to buy the “ready to microwave” sweet potatoes in the plastic wrap, they aren’t much different than a normal sweet potato and they cost about double. Pick the potatoes just like you would during the holidays to make a casserole.

When you are ready to bake them in the microwave, begin by scrubbing the skin. This will help to get all the dirt and chemicals off the potato. After washing the potato, go ahead and puncture the skin for ventilation.

Always remember that microwave ovens may vary, so this does take some “trial and error” testing. Start out with about five minutes. After the first five minutes, check the potato and turn it over. Cook an additional five minutes, or until you have reached the desired tenderness.

If you are cooking the sweet potato to make fries in the oven, remember to not cook them as long. If you wait too long, the potato will not be easy to keep together for slicing. If you are looking for a way to make mashed sweet potatoes, this is a great way to soften the potatoes. Baking the sweet potatoes in the microwave is also a great alternative to prepare the potatoes for pies or puree.

Baking sweet potatoes in the microwave is such a great way to add a healthy alternative to your meal. A sweet potato is naturally sweet, so there isn’t really a need to add all the sugar and marshmallows that we are used to in the sweet potato casseroles. A sweet potato is nice to have much like a baked potato, just add a little butter and a few seasonings like cinnamon and salt and you have a really special treat. If you want it a little sweeter without the calories, it is also good to add a no calorie sweetener packet.

Anyway you like your sweet potato, baking it in the microwave is a quick and convenient way to enjoy it anytime of the year. Just follow these simple steps and you will have a baked sweet potato fresh out of the microwave in no time!

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