Soaking in a hot tub is a great way to relieve stress and tension of the day, but if there is a leak in the hot tub that goes untreated there will be more stress and financial burden than needs to be. Most owners can prevent leaks and repair small leaks quickly and easily if they know what to look for and take care of the problem as soon as they notice that the water pressure seems to go down after use.

Common Causes of Leaks

Many hot tub leaks are a result if bad seals, faulty heaters, cracked pipes or worn down switches and connections. The best way to prevent many of these problems is to administer a leak sealer to the hot tub connections. Some leaks are minor and a sealant can be used to repair the problem but for major replacements or major leaks a professional should be called in to avoid any harm to the owner. There are some hot tubs that are made of wood and these are known for leaking, but the hot tubs made today are reinforced with fiber glass which decreases the amount of leaks possible.

How to repair a Hot Tub Leak

The first thing to do is to disconnect the power, and check the pump for leaks, is there a leak underneath, or on either side. If there is a crack a sealant can be used but if the damage is great a new pump may have to be installed. Check the fitting on the pump and the heater and check for loose valves and bolts. These should all be tightened by hand not with a tool. Check the pipes and connections many of the small leaks can be repaired with plast aid this is much better than epoxy because it is stronger than the material of the hot tub and it is waterproof.

Detecting Leaks

A great way to see if there are leaks in your hot tub is to put die or food coloring in the water and look for the colored water around all of the equipment to see if any is leaking out. This works well with larger leaks because it will be noticeable very quickly. Another way is to mark the water level and leave it over night and check for lower levels. Or the pump can be turned on and the water level can be observed that way. If the water goes down a lot it could be a pressure leak if it goes down a little it may be a suction leak. Small leaks can be repaired with a spa leak sealer like seal-a-leak and cracks and larger openings can be repaired with plast aid.


When searching for leaks be vigilant about finding the problem because if left untreated they can turn into bigger problems which may require replacement of major parts of the hot tub. If there is any uncertainty as to what to look for call a professional spa technician they will be able to fix the problem and give suggestions as to how to maintain the quality of the hot tub. and has several good articles to assist with repair and maintenance guides for hot tubs. Maintaining a hot tub regularly is a great way to notice leaks or cracks in the heater or pump early before the problem gets out of hand and a regular application of sealant and cleaning is recommended to keep any hot tub in its tip top shape. A hot tub should be a stress reliever not a stress creator. Be prepared and put a sealant on the hot tub to keep it running smoothly.

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