Glass Closet Doors

Glass Closet Doors


Closets are a functional part of any bedroom. In the past, the closet doors have been simple wooden doors used to block the view of closet contents. The old styled doors were functional, but boring and bland. Today, closet doors have evolved into an elegant functional part of a bedroom or any other room.

Glass closet doors do not contain the ordinary common window glass. The glass styles available can a mirrored surface, or tempered frosted, clear or opaque. Available in a variety of colors and surface textures, imagine the decorating styles that can be enhanced replacing that lackluster door with a glass door.

Glass doors can be added to a multitude of closet door styles. A single door, double door, sliding door, or folding door can become an elegant door with the addition of a selected glass. With style choices, what was once a bland ordinary door will become a classy room addition and augment the overall room interior decoration.

The choice of mirrored glass will enhance the room in several ways. A mirrored closet door will add a sense if depth to a room. For a small bedroom or other area, a mirrored closet door will be a perfect item to create a beautiful illusion of expansion of the room. A reflective closet door can add brightness and warmth to a room. An additional benefit is the mirror on the door doubles as a full-length mirror becoming both fashionable and practical.

Mirrored doors are created to give them a look of framelessness. This look provides an even flow to the eyes when scanning the room. The mirrors can be enhanced using a beveled mirror, or perhaps chrome-tinted mirror for added elegance. Mirrors can be set into metal or wooden frames and securely fastened to ensure endless closet accesses are safe.

If mirrored closet doors do not fit the unique style of the area, but glass is the desired material, other glass types can be selected. Alternative glass styles available include frosted, clear and opaque glass. As a glass base, each style can be customized for a more individualistic look. Glass can be tinted in many colors and shades. Frosted glass closet doors for example will allow light in, if there is a window behind or a light on, but will not show the contents of the closet.

Although more expensive, glass closet sliding doors can be customized beyond color and tint. These doors can be etched with designs especially chosen to reflect the room or area. Depending on decorating budgets and decorating taste, glass can be a variety of thickness, stained glass, and crystal, recycled and other choices.

Finish options are important choices as the options complete the look of the mirrored or glass door. Glass mounted in fine hardwoods that have been hand-finished will rival the elegance and quality of any fine European designed door.
Beautiful glass doors require beautiful frames with stylish hinges. Brushed stainless-steel, nickel, brass are some of the materials used in the manufacture of hinges. Hinge styles include pocket hinges that provide a smooth interrupted motion when moving doors; the European hinges including overlay or hidden styles.

Door handles can be added that are chic and fashionable. These handles can be manufactured in the same material as the hinges or a completely different look. Traditional doorknobs can be replaced with contemporary latches or other opening devices. No longer do people have a single choice of the round doorknob used in the past.

Glass closet doors can be purchased as standard doors that people can install themselves that include all hardware and instructions for installation. People who prefer custom-made glass doors should choose well-known reputable manufacturers or sellers of these doors who can measure, order, and install doors. Improper fit and installation will create a myriad of unwanted problems when opening and shutting doors.

Glass closet doors are an elegant and modern decorating choice for people wanting an updated look to closets. With the variety of materials and styles available, these doors are an excellent choice for the next remodeling or house build.

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