In states that frequently experience tornadoes, a dark sky and humid weather can instantly give the eerie feeling that one may hit your neighborhood at anytime. Instead of becoming frightened and over panicking, there are many ways to keep you and your family prepared in the possibility of a tornado touching down close by. Luckily, tornadoes are somewhat predictable and warnings are often give ahead of the time, allowing residents to find shelter and avoid being caught in the middle of the storm. Preparing for a possible tornado can be done by becoming informed with the weather conditions and having the right knowledge to know what needs to be done if one will be touching down.

The most common way for people to discover that a tornado is in the area is simply looking up into the sky. Humid weather can mean a lot of things but it occasionally a sign that tornadoes may be coming into the area. Along with the temperature and humidity changing, the sky’s color will change dramatically. A dark forest green hue will be spread across the sky and there will be many low-lying dark clouds looming overhead.

Large chunks of hail may also be experienced when a tornado is an area, as well as increased winds. One of the most eerie signs that a tornado will be coming through is a loud roaring growl, similar to a train. When any of these weather conditions combine, it may mean that dangerous weather is soon to follow.

In order for a family to remain calm during the event of a tornado, they will need to stay alert. Weather forecasts shown on the television or radio always keep their listeners up to date if there is a storm brewing during tornado season. While many people may feel frightened gathering around a television while the weather conditions become increasingly worse, its important that they know the location of the tornado and what areas should evacuate or find a shelter. When tornado watches are given through the television or radio, it simply means that the weather may allow one to be created. Only when a warning is issue does it mean that there has been one located in the area.

Once a tornado warning has been issued, it is important that people in the surrounding area immediately find shelter. Almost all homes have an area that can be designated a safe spot. These spots should be free of any windows and any pieces of furniture that can easily fall over and be dangerous. Experts agree that the best spot to go in the chance of a tornado is the basement because it is underground and free of any windows. If your home does not have a basement then a closet or bathroom may suffice as well, as long as they do not have any large windows that may break and become a hazard. If your home does not include any acceptable rooms for shelter, communities often have locations for residents to visit in case of a tornado. The location of these public shelters are typically given during the tornado warning on television or radio broadcast.

As long as a family properly prepares themselves in the chance on a tornado touching down nearby, they should not feel too panicked. Choosing an area in the home or being aware of the shelters in the community is the best way to feel protected when tornado weather occurs. Many experts recommend that residents create a disaster supply kit as well, putting together important items and first aid supplies as well. The kit should be kept somewhere easily accessible or near your safe spot if your home has one. Being prepared during frightening weather conditions prevents a family from being panicked and ensures that they will have a plan in case one does touch down nearby.

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