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The right wood closet doors for bedrooms can make or break a room. After all, think about how many times you turn to your closet on a daily basis: It’s got to be at least one time a day if not more. Additionally, such a door usually has a prominent place in a bedroom.

Thus, you are sure to pass it a number of times a day. For such an important piece of your bedroom, it pays to invest in the very best of doors. This can brighten the room and make it that much easier to open and look at your closet. There are many types of doors from which you can choose. In addition to the wood that makes up such doors, materials like frosted glass, mirrors and steel are also used. The following includes some basic information about the many types of wood closet doors you can find to make your bedroom shine.

Often, when people think closet doors, they think of the bifold wood option. Here, the door folds out in a fan-like motion. This door is one that offers a person some flexibility and can be less expensive than other options. If you want a casual or open-feeling to your bedroom, this may be the type of wood closet door to go with.

A classic wood closet door in which to invest is a mirrored option. After all, don’t you want to see how your outfits look before heading to work, out to a big date, or to a formal occasion? Such a door can be hand-built or customized to fit the exact type of mirror you desire. You could go for a small mirror or a full-length option. Usually, the door is made of hardwood with mortise, tenon, and pegged joinery, and trim that can be removable to switch the glass of the mirror.

A common door type for closets is the sliding door. These doors often come in a variety of panel options: everything from full hardwoods to wood paired with milky or frosted glass. Such a door often comes with a sliding clamp to ensure that the doors do not come off of their tracks. This type of door makes it easy to sort through one’s closet to find exactly what he or she needs for the night.

If you want a sophisticated or European look for your closet doors, think about using a solid wood door in cherry with frosted glass. Here, the glass is professionally frosted and the wood is expertly stained to achieve a classic look. In fact, such doors often take on a furniture-like look to them.

You can also go with a straight up hinged or traditional door in a beautiful mahogany or chestnut color, among other options. Of course, the right wood and additions like door knobs can make this door look that much more unique. There are many different kinds of wood from which you can choose. You can go with a variety of wood types: everything from maple to oak to pine can be used for this door. Of course, you’ll want to consider the overall architecture and design of the room before selecting any one type of wood for the job.

Lastly, don’t forget about such additions as the door knob of these wood closet doors for bedrooms. Such a small detail can really take an ordinary or basic closet door and make it new again. There’s everything from classic brass door knobs to crystal or gem-like knobs and other decorative options.

Always take the time to shop around before you choose any one door for your home. You never know who can offer you the best rates. And of course, work with professionals who know how to not only install doors but have worked with wood. This will ensure that you invest in and install the very best closet doors available to you.

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